Guerrilla Games Tease More Cross-Genre Killzone Titles

Killzone 3 has just launched, but while Guerrilla Games, the developer, wouldn't talk much about Killzone 4, they have slightly teased the prospect of the Killzone franchise branching out to other genres.

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Hardedge2463d ago

RTS Killzone Wars!

On a more serious note, it'll be cool to see the universe expand further, I just hope they don't milk it for all its worth.

Selyah2463d ago

That's exactly what came to mind, but I wonder if they'll look at third person entries too, considering that killzone models have appeared in lost planet 2 and uncharted 2? (i think)... ---- not to mention the psp game too.

Hardedge2463d ago

Third person would be neat, I think the brutal melee could be expanded even further in 3rd person, like how CQC works in the MGS games.

a_bro2463d ago

3rd person killzone would be awesome. it would have that GeoW vibe.

MAJ0R2463d ago

what about a Killzone RPG?

that would be interesting

Chubear2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

TPS RPG Refugee survival game using expanded current gen gameplay inspired by the game THE THING. Same Killzone universe but different world with different totally new enemies.

If you're new to gaming and don't know THE THING, here it is

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mephman2463d ago

Honestly, I do think Killzone could work really well as an RTS game.


Yeah, Killzone 2 have a lot of vehicles and the plot to make it. It wouldn't be any more or less milking than Halo Wars, but after playing R.U.S.E. with Move, I wouldn't mind some milk in that direction.

sinncross2463d ago

I want another Liberation title, the first was a lot of fun and I can definitely see GG expanding it tenfold.

JDouglasGU2463d ago

killzone: liberation was a solid game, so this could be promising.

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M4I0N32463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

yeah im tired of seeing them develop killzone only titles, i really wanna see them expand on their creativity espiecially with the cool things they've pulled off on the engine they built for killzone. I completely adore how blood squirts out of soldiers when they get shot, and how the same blood stains walls.

MrBubble2463d ago

I think GG s next game is new ip and then after that it's killzone 4

HellzAssassin2463d ago

As long as it's NOT an RTS, I'm fine with it.

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