G4TV: Fight Night Champion Review

It’s built to look and feel like the Fight Night you are all well acquainted with, there’s nothing about it that’s too familiar. The sum of EA’s minor adjustments is an overhaul that bolsters the strength of Fight Night Champion immensely. This reinforcement doesn’t change what you know -- this is an absurd expectation in the genre anyway -- but it’s exactly what you want.

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electricshadow2734d ago

I'm really tempted to try this game. It looks great.

kornbeaner2734d ago

I tried the demo and it was fun for the most part, but the annoying part will be the heavyweight division where you will most likely run into a swarm of Ali players, he is such an annoying fighter in this series. But I would say at least give it a rental.

Quagmire2734d ago

Damn, why hate on the Greatest? A rental? You fo serial? This game has one of the most highest replayability, and you're renting it.

Champion Mode, Legacy Mode, and Online doesnt satisfy you? You're loss brah.

kornbeaner2733d ago

I never said I was going to rent it. But electricshadow seems to be on the fence about so in that case he should at least rent it to try it out.