Put This On Your Radar: Gatling Gears

Set in the same universe as Greed Corp but featuring totally different gameplay, Gatling Gears is a top-down twin-stick shooter reminiscent of Assault Heroes. It's been picked up by publisher Electronic Arts and will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC this spring.

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Dlacy13g2706d ago was this not reported during approvals? "Gatling Gears of War".... Uhhh...poster totally ..possibly purposely mislabeled the game title. It is merely "Gatling Gears"...even the IGN title is such:"Put This On Your Radar: Gatling Gears"

dgroundwater2706d ago

Strange stuff man. Its just "Gatling Gears" so how could this ever be approved?

AAACE52706d ago

It got approved by people looking to poke fun at MS! It got posted by someone looking to take advantage of the ignorant people here!

Elven62706d ago

No one follows the rules on N4G anymore and there really isn't any sort of consequence for doing so either.