GamePro: Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fightstick Review

PROS: High quality material and build quality ensures smoother performance and accuracy; fighting game friendly design includes extra long cord and smartly placed Start and Select/Back buttons; excellent aesthetic design is eye catching.

CONS: The high price tag means it's only really appropriate for serious fighting game afficianados. Limited run means if you don't get one before it sells out, you'll probably end up paying through the nose in the after market.

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Boody-Bandit2649d ago

Mine arrived Monday. Picked one up for each console. They are definitely a must own for any serious fight fan.

rataranian2648d ago

It is the best stick out there. But with that said, it would be better with an 8 way gate.

KidMakeshift2648d ago

MvC2 fightstick is still nicer artwise