Why You Shouldn't - Buy the Xbox 360!

CheatCC says, "In the race to release the first "next-gen" console, the Xbox 360 had a huge head start, releasing a full year before the Wii and PlayStation 3. This gave the Xbox 360 a huge early advantage, and gave eager gamers an HD-gaming experience a year before there were any alternatives."

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Kon2705d ago

You're right. Thanks for the heads up

AAACE52705d ago

How old is this article? I swear I saw it a few years ago!

They say from the time you turn it on, the clock is ticking until it red rings! What the dumb f*cks neglected to mention is that all products with moving parts inside them will face the same fate! Something will fail on it one way or another.

They seem to not understand that the newer units are better built! A few dumb sh*ts tried to claim the new 360 red ringed when it first came out, to try to kill off any potential sales, but their efforts were worthless.

@Drop dead fred... Seeing how you typed "Having twice, I can tell that you were nervous while typing. Also, It doesn't matter what tech is in the console, it matters if the games appeal to gamers! Ps2 was severely outdated even after the 360 came out, yet people still saw incentive to purchase Ps2 products!

As far as paying for XBL, that's personal choice! I had a friend who bought a 360 a few years ago. He didn't like the idea of paying to play, so he got a Ps3 instead! When I got my Ps3, I tried to play with him, but all he played was CoD: WaW. Plus he only played a few times a week. I just couldn't get him to buy any of the exclusives for some reason though... never figured that part out!

kreate2704d ago

but a few years ago.
i saw articles saying

"why you shouldnt buy a PS3"

even with xbox360 breaking down.
i only saw articles of people bashing PS3 over and over and over.

sure it isnt 2007. but Xbox360 still breaks down. it just doesnt get much of a headline cuz Xbox360 went from 54% failure rate. to a 10-16% failure rate.

which.. is still bad, but the numbers show improvement so no one really talks about it.
the subject might be old, but even in 2011 Microsoft doesnt want to 'fix' the problem. they just want to improve the hardware so it is less of a problem.

Bounkass2705d ago

@ Karoo; 5 people disagree with you. Thus thinking it's still 2007, LOL.

guigsy2705d ago

5 people don't agree that it's not 2007.

Three_Sisters2704d ago

yup....its very sad that there are morons...

... people knowledgeable enough to type "" and clicking their mouse and yet they don't know what is the current year...

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NYC_Gamer2705d ago

when is that x11 event?

OneWorld2705d ago ShowReplies(2)
Burning_Finger2705d ago

Puts on Helghast suit...

*Commencing WWIII*

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