Travis Barker Feat. The Clipse - "Come N Get It" Music Video Filmed With Kinect Camera

AnalogHype:The Clipse are back for another song and its featured on the Travis Barkers latest mixtape. The visuals for the track recently hit the net and we have it here for you to see. An astounding feature of this music video is the fact it was made with an Xbox 360 Kinect Camera. The infrared grid of the Kinect was used to make all the visual effects.

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ATiElite2767d ago

Travis Barker that's my dude right there. I've seen this cat bang out a lot of hip hop beats on his drums. Big props to T Barker.

That video was very good. Hip Hop going back to the basics, a Beat, a mic, a DJ, and a MC.
not all that stupid cars, champagne, and VIP crap.

NoobJobz2767d ago

The Clipse? Are they the ones that sang Grindin?

LiL T2767d ago

OT. YAY I made a video with a camera, how awsome am I.

ps3alldayeveryday2767d ago

Pretty Dope. Clipse are a pretty respectable duo

Xfanboy2767d ago

very cool!! No move controllers?

trippyaaron2767d ago

has travis really sunk this low to play drums for a generic rap song?

Kalowest2767d ago

I hate most rappers on the radio, but The Clipse are great. Theirs only a handful of good artist on the radio, the others are what you said "generic".

aryan_irani2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

lol wow clipse are anything but generic. lil wayne is generic. the clipse are lyrical geniuses. they're rhymes are far too clever for ordinary people to understand. i've never seen anyone whose heard of the clipse and didnt like them. just listen to this and tell me if its not the sickest and most clever shit you ever heard.

and heres a translation of each verse for those who dont understand

trippyaaron2765d ago

all rap nowadays sounds the same to me. 90's was when rap was at its best in my opinion. you can like what you want tho, its your taste

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