Analyst: Hardcore Gaming Has Become Stagnant

Recent analyst findings by investment bank Digi-Capital have found that, in the past two years, hardcore console game sale growth has become relatively stagnant when faced against the rising social/mobile gaming scene.

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mephman2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

It's actually quite scary to think about to be honest. If there's a day when console releases are flat out ignored by big publishers in favour of crappy iPhone puzzle games, then that's going to be a very depressing day.

tweex2701d ago

God help us if that actually happens.

AAACE52701d ago

Woah,woah,woah! Calm your nerves!

We have become complacent to the idea of what gaming truly is. We are used to the traditional set up, and are scared when anything changes. Prime example, FFXIII! Not a bad game, just not a traditional FF game.

Now the gaming industry is making a change and we are all worried that things will shift over to the casual for good!

DON'T WORRY! There are too many developers who would love to keep making the games we love. However, the casual market has to be acknowledged and that is what's currently happening!

They aren't trying to change gaming, they are trying to open the market up to more gamers! They can't just release a bunch of core games and a few casuals. They are basically running 2 markets and should try to keep them equal.

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JDouglasGU2701d ago

come on everyone go out there and buy some real games, we can't be shown up.

DantheMan812701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

If I had the option to play tetris on my cellphone or take down the god of olympus on my ps3, I choose to take down the god of olympus.

BlackKnight2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Lol that's my Lian-Li PC Case.

OT - While it is true that social (typically free to play) and mobile (many free to play w/ads and very small price tags) gaming has been increasing while "hardcore" gaming has slowed down and even gone backwards somewhat, I believe it comes down to two factors:

-Bad economic times leads hardcore audience with less money to buy the games they want.

-People are getting more and more into computers, casuals especially. We are slowly getting a population that is BORN with computers in existence and it is becoming the norm, the same way cell phones have and the way TV was and way back when radio came to the home.

This is why both Sony and MS (and why Nintendo did from the start with Wii) are moving toward casual because this marker is huge as more and more people become tech knowledgeable on the most basic level and able to play a virtual game.

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The story is too old to be commented.