Sony Answers Why There is no Xenogears for Europe

A very simple answer to a commonly asked question, Sony has finally responded.

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dude_meister2734d ago

please for God's sake don't be douches squeenix, for once in your lives!!!

IronFist2734d ago

LOL. You could always make a US account and buy from the US PSN?

Eyeco2734d ago

Well that explains Xenogears but it still doesn't explain , Why there is no Resident Evil 1-3, Why there is no Dino Crisis, why there is no Crash 2, why there is no spyro, why there is no Castlevania, why there is no FF tactics, why there is no silent hill, why there is no Bushido Blade 1-2.

When i think of PS1 classics i think of those games not winnie the pooh and Little mermaid.


we cant pay with our debit cards,

Yi-Long2734d ago

... Sony doesn't care about European gamers.

They've made that very clear over and over and over again.

Rush2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )


Buy an American PSN card code online add it to your American PSN account and bam you can buy American games.


Why most of the time I would agree with you that's not the case here, There was never a PAL disc to being with which means there's no French German and so on translation of the game.

There never was, thus they would either have to release the disc in English only or not at all, not to mention the game was never approved for the European market which is a problem in it's self.

SmokeyMcBear2734d ago


its "never a PAL disc to begin with"

and "which is a problem in and of itself"

know you know.. and knowing is half the battle,


Redempteur2734d ago

ahaha they are too busy bringing awesome psone classic nobody cares about to work and make xenogears available.

The only problem is for them to bypass their rules as working copies of xenogears for psp & PS3 exist since 2 years ago ..

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sinncross2734d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious why the game was not on the PAL PSN.... Xenogears is just like Chrono Cross: square never got the game published in Europe.

That said, Maybe Sony should consider an import section on the EU PSN for English titles only released in the USA.

Burning_Finger2734d ago

I was expecting the middle finger.. :)

2734d ago
Lirky2734d ago

euro psn users create an american psn account, go to and order one. Then buy it for your forever american psn account. I even linked you to the psn card section.

(reasons why im doing this, because square enix did not give u.s. vagrant story which is on euro psn, and they didnt give u.s. saga frontier which is only on japanese psn When both games released regionally on black ps1 discs).

Gitaroo2734d ago

xenogears was never released in pal territory?

Honolulu2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Nope. Us in PAL-land never got as much love from square as the US, nes-to-ps2-era.
Good thing the ps3 is region free for the ps3 games, But it's a shame ps1 games are regionlocked since the emulator running it on the ps3 has no problems regarding different regions or outputs really. My wall with NTSC PS1 RPGs begs for the removal of the region lock. :C

CDbiggen2733d ago

No Chrono Cross either D=

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