Killzone 3 vs. Killzone 2 E3 2005 Trailer

Remember at E3 2005 where everyone was amazed at the Killzone 2 trailer? We compared Killzone 3 to that trailer to show of the impressive in-game graphics.

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Well the difference between KZ2 & KZ3 isn't that big apart from sharper textures and brighter colours, so I still don't expect KZ3 to match 2005's CGI trailer.

If you disagrees then you're basically saying the PS3 can do better than a farm of PC's rendering CGI.

In other words you're mentally challenged.

beavis4play2648d ago

are you blind? KZ2 and 3 are SO much better than that 2005 video - it's not even close. (and i LOVED the 2005 video when i first watched it)

your the one with mental problems.

M-Easy2648d ago

Yes I do believe he is blind. Blinded by fanboyism.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Yeah I guess KZ3's using real-time ray-tracing right? The fact that you think a jaggy low resolution mess of a game can compete with CGI then YOU'RE the one with mental problems.

One character model in that CGI trailer probably has more polygons than 50 ISA soldiers in KZ3, not to mention how high-res literally everthin is in trailer.

Heck the clouds alone beat eveything in KZ2 &3.

@M-Easy: You're calling me a fanboy when you're the one saying the PS3 can produce better than CGI graphics? Talk about being daft.

I only own a PS3 you insecure Sony loyalist.

NiKK_4192648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

kz3 looks better, not in terms of polygon count and all that shit that doesn't matter, but the actual look of it looks a lot better, so did kz2 when it came out

velocitygamer2648d ago

Killzone 3 blows away the CGI trailer by miles.

duplissi2648d ago

tsk tsk tsk...

it only took guerrilla a few weeks to put that cg trailer together... so ya i believe with enough time they could make a game that looks better than a hastily put together teaser.

the fact that they succeeded and even passed it in some areas is amazing.

Raf1k12648d ago

The only thing the trailer has over the games is the animations and fire effects. Other than that I think the games are quite clearly better in terms.

ElDorado2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

You truly are ignorant. People thought Killzone 2 would look as good as the E3 2005 Trailer, but it turned the final product of Killzone 2 looked far better. So tell me how does the trailer look better than Killzone 3 when it doesn't even look better than Killzone 2. The trailer back in 2005 was ahead of it's time though!

DigitalAnalog2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Maybe you tend to ignore the fact that the levels are 10x bigger with 3x the polygons. Basic math would indicate KZ2's map x10 would mean the PS3 has to render exactly that. TEN TIMES OVER. By that logic, we need to know where are they getting the power for improving textures, animations and effects?

In that case, shouldn't the resources budget to be utilizing the same graphics and animations in order to increase the level size? They even killed the deadzone for the controller - that's another element they have to deal with. It's amazing you are able to "overlook" these nuances.

-End of Line

jeseth2648d ago

I don't know how you can watch that video and come up with that statement.

KZ2 looked better than that 2005 Trailer. And KZ3 passes KZ3. There is better lighting, better environmental effects, the human faces and models are much improved, there's more contrast, and WAY more going on on screen.

Maybe you need your eyes checked?

MNicholas2648d ago

except polygon count and AA. The polygon count differences were meaningless because Killzone 2 used shaders to very effectively simulated the geometry. Unfortunately, the AA method in Killzone 2 took some of the sharpness away from it's textures.

Killzone 3, compared to Killzone 2, triples the polygon count, ups texture quality to Uncharted levels, and quadruples the quality of anti-aliasing without causing any loss in sharpness.

The result is a game that's so far beyond the 05 trailer it's unbelievable. In motion, as a total package, it's far beyond any other shooter on any platform.

Like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2, it sets new standards for it's genre.

Crysis 2 on PC should, theoretically speaking, rectify that by quite some margin (current PC GPUs are ridiculously fast) but anyone holding out hope that Crysis 2 on consoles will even come close is going to be disappointed. Again.

beavis4play2648d ago

couldn't agree more nik.

bubbles for you!

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Chapulin2648d ago

I think Killzone franchise has done more than I had hoped for.
I am very happy with Killzone. To me it's the best FPS.

nix2648d ago

ah.. i remember how media tried to bury Sony for that 2005 video and how media again tried to bury Killzone 2 under the carpet when the game came out. they just didn't want to admit that the game with a graphics like that can run on a console.

lil Titan2648d ago

in Killzone 4 i want something similar to Battlefield and the "FIRST" Halo with open maps online with vehicles like the Blood Gluch and Harvest Day

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