SG EXCLUSIVE! GeoHot’s video message from his future self

SarcasticGamer - In an astounding peak into what will be possible in the future, GeoHot, (read all about him here) the kid at the center of so much controversy surrounding Sony has done it again, this time hacking a device in the year 2018, allowing him to send himself a message here in 2011.

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Godmars2902768d ago

Get you head outta you @$$ for a second time.

You didn't hack the PS3, you just took credit from someone who did. Jumped back into the limelight after saying you had retired.

Hitman07692768d ago

This is the best !!! 2018 is a bad year for everyone, but at least I won't be GeoHot woot!


Yep yep...I like how he mentions that GeoHot is planning on going to PAX...let me run into that b**ch at PAX and let's see what happens.

Korix2768d ago

lol awesome. hopefully he'll listen to himself.

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The story is too old to be commented.