Custom games returning in next Killzone 3 patch

Guerilla Games will be patching back in custom games back into Killzone 3 as well as many other exciting details that made multiplayer in Killzone 2 great for community matches in a two patch process sometime soon.

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starcb262700d ago

That was one thing I was complaining about, but now they fixed it :D
Now I want 32 people in matches.

deafwing2699d ago

I'm okay with the current size matches but these are good add-ons ... wonder why they didn't just put them back in there in the first place?

TheFreak2700d ago

I have been experiencing playing Salamun Market over and over again.

LiL T2700d ago

@TheFreak, Ya me too, I got it four times in a row lastnight and same this morning.
OT: Good, I liked the custom games because you can eliminate the noob tube.

Pillage052700d ago

this problem hadn't happened to me until I switched my preference map to salamun market cause I hadn't got to try it seems even when you go back to change it to any map it just keeps taking you to the last one you preferenced(is that a word? lol). Same thing happened to my guerrilla warfare...hopefully there's a fix soon if that is the problem 'cause it gets annoying.

-Alpha2700d ago

It's because Salamun and Blood Gracht are treated as DLC maps and aren't part of the rest of the maps, so they rotate only that map

edwineverready2700d ago

great news, but why patch it in later? fan feed back maybe?

Visari2700d ago

Now to wait for the inevitable Mike Myers gametypes (which would actually work well with the brutal melee).

KonohagakureFC2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

The guerrilla warfare games are kinda short I agree with em

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The story is too old to be commented.