Fight Night Champion: The Best Boxing Game Ever?

Charles from TGF writes: Admittedly, I am not a huge boxing (the actual sport) fan but after all of the crazy hype that surrounded EA’s Fight Night Champion I found myself ready to pull off a Scott Pilgrim while I waited for the UPS guy to deliver my review copy. I dove right in to the game, devouring the new Champion mode as well as the improved Legacy mode and a few online bouts here and there. Overall, this is hand’s down one of, if not the best, boxing game I have ever played. Overall, the game is a giant step up from Fight Night Round 4, and yes, a huge part of this is because of the new story mode that was introduced into the game.

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Mucudadada2734d ago

Hmm, this might be the first Boxing title I ever pick up! Great review!

thegamefanatics2734d ago

Thanks man! Yeah it was the best boxing experience I've played...a huge leap from Round 4.

nevin12734d ago

knockout kings was a better series.

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mrmancs2734d ago

getting this first day , without a doubt , see yas online chaps , be prepared to be ass kicked!(or should i say face punched?) :P

Quagmire2734d ago

Be prepared to use the Online Pass before you do!

thegamefanatics2734d ago

yeah online play online you need one, it comes included with new games but if you buy it used you have to buy the pass from the PSN or XBLA store

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