The Average Wii Game Costs $5-7 Million To Make

As the level of video game production sky rockets, it's no surprise that development costs are following suit. What is interesting is that your average Wii game costs roughly five to seven million big ones to make, according to an investment review conducted by Digi-Capital.

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JDouglasGU2556d ago

no wonder there's so such shovelware on the damn thing.

Hardedge2556d ago

That's some expensive shovelware!

Active Reload2556d ago

Exactly! But like the article hinted at, I think a lot of that goes towards marketing and probably for those that build their own engines. I seriously haven't seen anything costing that much on the Wii as far as actual game design. The only thing I see is Conduit, off the top of my head, and that one falls under-a company building their own tech...

TheDopeFiend2556d ago

MadWorld was a cool looking game, not sure how much it cost to make

Eyeco2556d ago

man if i had 5-7 million right now i'd be set for life, kinda sad to see it burned on crappy shovelware

ABizzel12556d ago


That just goes to show how dumb the 4 people are who disagreed with you.

5 - 7 million is enough to live off of for YOUR life.

That's 50K - 70K a year for 100 years that's a completely acceptable salary if you spend it wisely, and live within your means excluding taxes.

ChickeyCantor2555d ago


They disagree, because he said "on shovelware".

I doubt shovelware costs millions to make.

Eyeco2555d ago

isn't the average wii game shovelware ? seeing as its library is over-flooded with it, not saying its a bad thing, i wasn't exactly insulting the wii's good games.

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Hardedge2556d ago

That's actually surprising, had no idea the average Wii game cost that much to make.

mephman2556d ago

There will, of course, be some that cost an absolute pittance to make (like Carnival Games), but it's still surprising that they cost this much on average.

ABizzel12556d ago

I was expecting more like 1 million tops. But if you included R&D, Employee pay, and everything else into the mix, then yeah it can get up there. These are expenses often forgotten by consumers.

Selyah2556d ago

I'm actually kinda surprised by this.

jbiz3202556d ago

that ROI is ridiculous for Nintendo.. crazy.

kramun2556d ago

'On the other hand, Wii development costs still remain a fraction of what makes up for Xbox 360 and PS3 games that easily fall within the $15 to $30 million range'

That's important to remember.

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The story is too old to be commented.