L.A. Noire Preview -

On the surface, L.A. Noire doesn’t really look like too much more than a Grand Theft Auto clone with a little historical flair thrown in. In all honesty, that would have probably been enough for me to give the game a shot. It would have been a rental, and I would have been satisfied with that. What made me take notice and go out preorder the game for purchase, though, were some features that I have never seen before in a video game…at least not to the degree that it’s done in L.A. Noire.

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DanSolo2766d ago

I'm definately interested in this game and will be keeping an eye on how it develops.

I like the fact that you are a cop trying to solve crimes as opposed to being a criminal commiting them... I've done it the criminal way around plenty of times now, so it will make a nice change.

I hope that the reading expressions and crime solving turns out to be in depth and not just a gimmick though, as it sounds pretty cool but could quite easily just end up feeling like a game of rock paper scissors where you end up just having to pick the right response to a certain action.

So far though it's looking pretty damn good, I look forward to hearing more about it!

Omar912766d ago

same here! I am def. interested in this game just because it has a red dead redemption feel to it becausse of the good guy theme and also how well the game looks and feels. it seems like a well build game

tinogarza2766d ago

I am serious as a quadruple bypass when I say that I want this game!

NoobJobz2766d ago

There will be and already have been some huge games come out and yet I kind of feel like this may be atop my most wanted. Not gears, not killzone, not halo, not resistance. But this. I am so pumped for this game.