Analyzing Piracy: The Industry's Scapegoat

It seems every year the piracy issue pops up again. Some publisher blames their losses on piracy, or some writer claims it’s destroying the industry. Pirates are characterized as anything from super villains actively seeking the destruction of publishers to champions of the DRM-oppressed masses. So what is the reality of piracy? What’s its effect on profitability in gaming and is PC gaming really dying a painful death due to its prevalence in the industry?

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badz1492769d ago

pirates are playing victims now? when all is said and done, whether it brings down a company or not, the cold hard fact is: PIRATES STEAL GAMES! - period!

hazelamy2768d ago

piracy is a problem, yes, but the publishers always blow it way out of proportion, and use it as an excuse for totalitarian, draconian, 100% anti consumer drm.

what makes it particularly stupid is drm does not even stop piracy, it increases it, you make it so the legitimate user has to jump through hoops while the pirates are happily playing and you've got a total failure of a security system.

yeah, pirates steal games, and they should be condemned for it.
but publishers with these ludicrous drm systems that can stop you playing your game should be condemned just as much, they are after all taking away the games you paid for, in my book that's stealing as much as piracy is.

FragGen2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Piracy IS NOT THEFT. I'm sick of people calling piracy theft and/or stealing. No lawyer in the world would argue that piracy is theft. No property has changed hands, nothing has been stolen. It's a violation of copyright/licensing contracts and is much different than theft in a legal sense.

If you can't even get that straight you have no right to have an opinion on the matter.

badz1492768d ago

it's called piracy for a reason. justify it all you want but it's all about possession of things you don't pay for without permission from the owner! no property has changed hands, yeah as that's more about used game sales btw, no properties has been stolen but piracy enables you to use/own things that aren't yours!

Torillian2769d ago

While I very much dislike the act of pirating video games it's true that they get used as the scapegoat for profitability by companies too often.

naznatips2769d ago

It gets pretty frustrating, when companies blame everything on pirates, who, while not the best of people, are rarely responsible for their failings.

homer2769d ago

Hahaha. You hold no power on this site Torillian so I can say whatever I want to you and you will never know who I am...
BTW, horrible article from the most unreliable sales site as of yet. Do not give it any hits.

BeardedGamerShow2769d ago

A curious examination of piracy. I also like how there's a great point about developers and publishers overextending themselves on project with big budgets. Nice read.

Kantor2769d ago

I just wish all games were on Steam. It's better for the developers, because they get more profit, and better for gamers, because you have a comprehensive online service attached to the game you want to play, a way to get it fast and cheap, and an easy method of updating it.

hazelamy2768d ago

steam is great for downloadable games, but i cannot stand the way it infests disc games.
ownership of the disc should be all the proof that's needed that i own the game.

but then steam on disc games isn't about piracy is it, it's about killing the preowned market, something that's perfectly legal.

swirldude2769d ago

I'll agree that piracy shouldn't be scapegoated so much, but it makes sense that developers would be so upset with people downloading the products they put their hearts and souls into without compensating for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.