Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

This Thursday, February 24th PlayStation Home and LOOT will be hosting a very special live event. Beginning at 1:50 pm Pacific Time (4:50 pm Eastern) a live stream of the final liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery will be broadcast on the new NASA TV Channel of the LOOT Sunset Yacht (formerly known as the Amaterasu), a premium personal space available from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall. Be a part of history and watch as the last Discovery launch becomes the first live-streaming event featured in PlayStation Home!

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Orion2763d ago


But it's not the last, there's another one programmed for the next month. Furthermore, there is a chance - little, but there it is - that there would be a 3rd launch this year. And that would be it.

Godmars2902763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Have to say I am disappointed that this is only happening in one personal suite, not Hollywood Hills , much less the Home theaters. Though bandwidth will likely be an issue.

Also, if anyone who has the yacht and is planning to watch, should probably send a heads up if they want to host :D

Shackdaddy8362763d ago

Glad they are retiring the Shuttle. It was such a failure in every purpose it was supposed to have. It wasn't reliable, it wasn't safe, it wasn't easily maintained, and it wasn't cost effective.

Just a big weight on NASA...

B1663r2763d ago

I agree with everything you said, and yet the Space Shuttle was the awsomeist real life space ship that that has ever existed (on planet earth AFAIK) and is ever likely to exist for the rest of my entire life.

SO FFFFF UUUUUU!!!!! <Middle Finger>

lashes2ashes2763d ago

space ship? ummmmm space ship 1 has been to outer space and back and is 10 times cooler than a shuttle. way closer to a space ship

B1663r2763d ago

Are you from France? Well if you are from france, then I think the Eiffle tower sucks.

How about... Erm Egypt. Those Pyramids totally failed at being tombs, those things were a great big STEAL MY CONTENTS sign that could be seen from miles off in the desert

How about the Great Wall of China, ZOMG total failure there...

Ok how about... Um Im out of ideas for national monuments that are on the pure awsome scale of the Space shuttle to bad mouth. Oh I know, the Statue of Liberty, total failure they can't make that thing go 17,000 mph it just sits there and rusts...

Oh I know, Mount Rushmore... Great Idea on that one, build a great big monument to American imperalists presidents right on top of a giant indian grave yard! AMAZING IDEA THERE!!!

Naw, when they can make Space Ship 1 go 17,000 miles per hour, let me know, until then The Space Shuttle is the awsomeist thing ever built by humans in the entire history of the world, nothing else even comes close.

Craptain_Steel2763d ago

But it got them into space, which is the most important thing.

Shackdaddy8362763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

It was a horrible. Out of the five that were built, two blew up killing the crew inside. And the maintenance cost for every single trip was immense. When the Shuttles landed, it looked like someone shot them with a shotgun from all the debris.

And, after the Columbia accident in 2003, we couldn't even use the Shuttle for military or commercial use. We could just use it to get to the International Space Station(which is also totally useless btw and is only still up there to improve international relations)

@B1663r Sorry. I meant the Columbia accident in 2003. I'll change that now. Sorry.

And NASA even said themselves that the Shuttle was a huge failure. It has done some things. But it has done everything at a greater price and at a greater risk to the crew(I mean, the crew sits right on top of the fuel tank while launching. Thats an enormous design flaw right there.)

B1663r2763d ago

Um, Hubble. Hubble was flown and maintained after Challenger. No device ever in the history of the world, not even those fantastic apollo images, has changed our perspective of ourselves as much has Hubble, so puhleese, don't tell me the end of the shuttle program doesnt have huge ZOMG implications for the future of the sciences in America.

But I do know what Clinton did. He killed off the Super Collider in Texas, it was gonna be about 6 times as big as the large hardon collider over there in Europe, we could have been doing that science 20 years ago.

You kids need to learn a thing or two about American Exceptionalism.

Godmars2902763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

You do know that it was never suppose to be in service this long right? That it was suppose to be replaced by "something else" but around the Clinton administration funding dried up.

Makes me wonder ever happened to the Phoenix which was a single stage, low orbit reusable rocket which seemed to be the best replacement pick. You don't even hear much if anything about SCRAM engines nowadays.

Yeah, we went from manned moon landings to low orbit satellite maintenance. Big whoop...

Shackdaddy8362763d ago

Yep. It was supposed to be a part of this genius plan to transfer people to a launch pad in space then take off from there. Somehow that got lost and NASA got stuck with the shuttle.

Now, NASA is going to rely on outside companies to supply their space craft which I think is a good idea cus it allows NASA to have more money to do other things.

Kakasquall2763d ago

This sounds pretty neat.

pupa2763d ago

Shackdaddy836 You talk so much BS you can start a manure factory, how can you live with that stench under your nose?

The Shuttle service are more successfull, even with the drawbacks and accidents, than any other system. It is part of a historical era that had many advantages and research successes.

As for your argument about costs "more money for other things" They still have to pay the outside companies for the service and craft. Idiot.