Microsoft's future: Only Kinect

BBC - "Just how important I've been finding out at an open day at Microsoft's headquarters at Redmond near Seattle, where technology journalists were given the rundown on where the software giant is focusing its massive research and development effort. I will be bringing back a couple of television reports about all of this to be broadcast next week, but let me sum up the message from Microsoft - only Kinect."

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Lamarthedancer2731d ago

"It's the latest craze among video gamers, who use it to navigate the rapids in a virtual rubber dinghy or to dance along to Lady Gaga."

Well the lastest craze with casual gamers...little kids, mams, dads. I wouldn't say every gamer is sucked into this craze

darthv722731d ago

no windows
no xbox
no internet explorer
no bing
no wp7
no office
no live


Yeah, like that is going to happen. /s

malandra2731d ago

oh well, it was fun while it lasted, this is the end

captain-obvious2731d ago

"Microsoft's future: Only Kinect"
no one can deny this yet on the same time no one can say its not true

so only time well till

siliticx2731d ago

Been calling that Natural UIs are coming for 4-5 years and that kinect is exciting for everything but games.

Kalowest2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

MS has too many IPs sitting around, and they're doing nothing with them. Why are they only focusing on Kinect.

siliticx2731d ago

Casuals is where the money is at.

shoddy2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

not like a 30 year old gaming me.

mom and dad love to make thier kids happy and there is no rated M games on Kinect.

Tinasumsum2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

LMAo you pretend to know the only people buying Kinect are. You named off pretty much everybody then? 90% of consumers willing to buy consoles fall into those groups lol.

No one was sucked into anything people seen and played what they liked and purchased it.

I can't believe fanboys are still bitter Move failed and Kinect is a success. Get over it lets move on.

malandra2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Move failed? really?

I was too busy playing Killzone 3 with it to notice, good to know, thanks

Lamarthedancer2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

When did I mention Move in my comment...I'm no fan boy, I mean jesus christ anyone on here who has an opinion that someone dosen't like and they get called a fanboy. I'm not bitter about anything but Move failed...really, Sony don't care that it didn't sell as many as Kinect, it still sold and it managed to keep up with Kinect WITHOUT a huge marketing scheme, basicaly the main reason why Kinect is a huge success.

Maybe your the fanboy here, bitter that Microsoft is all for Kinect but still pretending to your self that they'll come through for the Hardcore crowd in the end.....give up they don't care anymore. You guys come second while the casual crwod comes first. It's all about money

People got sucked into Microsofts huge marketing scheme...end of

Tinasumsum2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Yeah Failed. Sony failed with Move they claimed Kinect would have its ass handed to it in sales and with weak mass appeal and popular opinion because of Move. They claimed they could capture the Wii fanbase stealing Wii hype and steam because Move was supposedly a better Wiimote.

None of these things happened. Move sold like crap, Kinect is very successful and the only people leaving Wii for a different motion console are buying Kinect and the 360.


Assuming only little kids, moms, dads and casuals have Kinect is ignorant at best. 360's fanbase has a lot of hardcore gamers in it and these gamers game as a hobby buying and playing anything gaming related on their consoles. Half of the people on my friends list have Kinect including me and we're all so called hardcore gamers.

Lamarthedancer2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

All I got from that was

Kinect rules...Sony and Move suck

oh and

"Kinect is very successful and the only people leaving Wii for a different motion console are buying Kinect and the 360."

Basicaly your telling me in your earlier comment that

"LMAo you pretend to know the only people buying Kinect are. You named off pretty much everybody then? 90% of consumers willing to buy consoles fall into those groups lol. "

and you've just done excatly the same thing thinking people are buying Kinect and the 360 over Move.

What a hypocrite

tobysims2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Hardcore gamers have cabinets full of games and accessories. Also Kinect does much more than play games. Hardcore gamers spend much more time and money on games. The term doesn't mean they only play shooters or bloody hack n slash games.
Casuals might play a platformer, Madden, COD or a new social party game every once in a blue moon only playing a few different franchises.


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edwineverready2731d ago

If that is true. It would suck

awiseman2731d ago

We will have to wait and see, ms will be unveiling some new stuff this GDC and X11 as well as E3.

ps3360games2731d ago

stuff like

kinectimals 2
Joy Ride 2
dance central 2


whydoyouask2731d ago

well, that would make sense if that crap wasn't released less than 6 months ago...

They will probably reveal the first game-play footage of Skyrim and some exclusive DLC from Bethesda.

ceedubya92731d ago

don't know about the other games, but I'm all about some Dance Central 2. But then again, releasing steady DLC for DC1 should be enough to keep the game going strong.

2v12731d ago

like last e3 fake videos of games?

gravemaker2731d ago Show
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