Punished for not being perfect – Metroid: Other M by Brash Games

Maybe it was the move away from the extremely popular and hugely successful Prime formula. Perhaps it was the linear, more action oriented approach to the series by Team Ninja….or maybe it was just because Samus suddenly became all chatty and that. Whatever the reason, Metroid: Other M simply didn’t connect with fans, critics or the general public.

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Yi-Long2646d ago

... apart from the fact that I don't have a Wii ofcourse (but my girlfriend has)

It was dubbed. I don't buy dubbed games. I want the original language.

LoaMcLoa2645d ago

You can change the language to Japanese anytime in the game.

ChickeyCantor2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )


unless you know japanese you are just missing out ( if you had a wii ).

Alos882645d ago

I felt Samus' character was betrayed somewhat in terms of personality in this game. Instead of the strong independent warrior from the other games she seemed a lot less confidant this time around.

ChickeyCantor2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

With little to no insight on her character( from the previous games), how is it possible to even draw that conclusion?

The Manga that was released years ago showed her character as it is portrayed in other M

stragomccloud2645d ago

Glad someone else did their homework.

tunaks12645d ago

"The Manga that was released years ago showed her character as it is portrayed in other M"

its too late for any kind of reason, the bandwagon has been rolling for a while now.

christheredhead2645d ago

forget the back story and how they were trying to portray samus. at its roots this game was pure metroid. not the best in the series but not the worst. i guess all the hate came from her characterization and in the end people seemed to forget there was still a great game to play once you looked beyond that.

ChickeyCantor2645d ago

Its still a metroid game!

HolyOrangeCows2645d ago

"Punished for not being perfect"? Seriously?

They destroyed the character, switching between third and first person worked poorly, the gameplay wasn't exactly best of the series......heck, it practically got a free-pass as a Nintendo game, when it should have gotten taken to the cleaners.

ChickeyCantor2645d ago

"switching between third and first person worked poorly"

It worked perfectly fine. I really wonder how F'up people play this game to complain about this aspect.

Like Alos, you are just Assuming she had a certain character.

na-no-nai2645d ago

I know right. The Other M is great. Follow along the manga just right. I hate how people assume her character.

maybe we should give them a link to the manga xD

ozstar2645d ago

Bad simplified controls were bad

thats it, nothing else significantly wrong with it

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The story is too old to be commented.