Bulletstorm Review: For the Love of Gaming

One of 2011's most anticipated game has finally hit store shelves. Epic's Bulletstorm is a modern day twist on the standard FPS market. Instead of the very popular tactical shooter, Bulletstorm encourages mayhem with the tag line, Kill with skill. Can Epic hit another home run similar to the success of Gears of War? Let's find out.

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Kon2645d ago

This game is amazing. I thought it was going to be an avg game, but it exceeded my expectations. Must buy.

Lamarthedancer2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I would recomend people wait untill this has went down in price it's nothing special just another average FPS.

Kon2645d ago

Going by your logic Killzone is average too. At least Bulletstorm tries to innovate.

Lamarthedancer2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Why did you bring KZ into that you trying to start an argument over the two.

It's just my opinion....You got to say yours above but you can't let me have mine without trying to start something. ¬¬

firefoxprime2644d ago


Actually no. You declared your opinion as fact.

"it's nothing special just another average FPS."

Not only did you declare you viewpoint as a "fact", its very easy to see your not interested in Bulletstorm. Which is fine. Its not for everyone.

Yet saying its "nothing special" and "just another average FPS" simply shows you have a gripe against this game.

Heh. Maybe your a COD fan, and just butthurt after watching (Duty Calls)....LOL that was a hilarious video.

The FPS genre is tremendously stale. Instead of innovation, major game companies are trying to out gun COD.

So I support this game, for breathing some well needed life into a stale genre.