Can NBA 2K12 Slam Dunk Over 2K11?

NBA 2K11 was a one-shot deal. 2K Sports can’t turn the franchise into a series of Michael Jordan reruns.

Is there a way NBA 2K12 could top NBA 2K11?

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maverick8782618d ago

I think MJ's their only chance. They'll have to turn NBA2K12 into a minor league baseball sim and recreate his time in the ChiSox farm system.

Chubear2618d ago

Sports games need to have story modes for me to even think of buying them other than bargain bin used.

EA and Sony are/were on the right track. Though Sony's NBA The Life lacked high quality gameplay for a Bball sim it had potential. If Sony could match or beat the sim flow of 2k and be creative with the story telling I'll be interested in sports games again.

EA's new Boxing game in FN is also a great direction for story telling in Sports gaming genre.

You can still have your regular modes but the inclusion of story telling is needed for this very stale genre.

I haven't bought a brand new sports game or played sports games to any significant length since 2005.

jbl3162618d ago

NBA 2K12 will still be a good game. But it won't be as iconic in my opinion without the"Jordan Challenge" mode or even MJ himself.

jbiz3202618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

they can keep it fresh by showcasing a new legend for NBA 2K12.. Showcase Magic or Larry Bird and it will be a wrap..

iceman062617d ago

I was thinking along the same lines. Not necessarily a new legend but just a legends mode. Imagine the great teams that could be included (that were left off of the current game). They have pretty much had many of the legends as players...why not the teams...with challenges to boot? EA is still playing catch up. Sony has pretty much dropped the ball. There really is no competition at this point...which IS scary because sometimes that allows devs to rest on their laurels. But the 2K series has delivered, for the most part, time in and time out.

vmanj2617d ago


If lebron is the king kobe is the god of basketball!!!

AzaziL2617d ago

They should release a DLC update for the rosters and spend a couple of years trying to figure out how they can make the game better instead of repackaging last years product.