Smart or Stupid: Activision Releasing a CoD Every Year

In the 2nd installment of Smart or Stupid, DualShockers writer, Kyle Durant, takes on the dilemma of Activision releasing a Call of Duty game every year. Both pros and cons will be listed in the article and is by no means bias in anyway.

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Shackdaddy8362766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Its extremely stupid. CoD is the only game Acti has that actually makes money(besides blizzard's games) and their constant milking is killing it.

If they maybe took ~3 years to make each game, it would not only get more hype, but it would also improve the quality and give a better image to the dying franchise.

Raendom2766d ago

3 studios, 3 years, you'd still see one every year. :P

Takes 2009-2011 for Sledge to make one, 2010-2012 for Trey to make another, and 2011-2013 for IW to make the other.

(Not suggesting they DO spend 3 years btw, but if you WANTED them to it'd still be a yearly occurance)

Shackdaddy8362766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I meant 3 years in between releases :)

Probably should just leave it to one dev too and let other devs do other things so they have more than just one game.

PSPDude792766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I very much disagree that it's a dying franchise. Sure the games aren't as good as the older ones now (In my opinion, the only good ones where 1, 2, and 4) but it still sells crazy amounts of copies. If it where dying, we'd see significant sales decrease between MW2 and Black Ops. Instead, we saw an increase. The name "Call of Duty" is a household name now just like Mario, Halo, Madden and Grand Theft Auto. Personally, I don't see it dying in the near future. It doesn't matter if it's good or not, as long as lots of people buy them, they'll keep making them.

SixZeroFour2766d ago

yup...activision is SMART for doing it, the fans are STUPID for buying it

now for those of you that havent hit the disagree button and left after that first phrase, here is why i said it...the fans are literally showing that its ok for activision to sell the game year after year because they are buying it. Activision as a company were smart in seeing this trend (since cod4) and capitalized on activision was smart and profited on the fans that bought the game year after year

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Persistantthug2766d ago

I haven't even bought a single call of duty this generation either....

But to say it's stupid for them releasing COD every year when they've made a couple of BILLION is business.

Shackdaddy8362766d ago

Ya but what are they gonna do when people get bored of CoD? They have nothing else to offer.

I mean, they have 3 devs working on the CoD franchise. Thats ridiculous.

Persistantthug2766d ago

Activision still made a couple of BILLION dollars on COD.

There's only 2 games that consistently sell a BILLION dollars per year.....Activision has direct ties to both of them.

They may be bastards, but they are rich bastards.

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thevokillist2766d ago

Completely stupid. I see the money making opportunities, but pumping out games just to pump out games is retarded. Fix the MANY things that are wrong with the series. I spend more time in the lobby than I do playing ANY Call of Duty game. It's annoying. I want my money back...

Pandamobile2766d ago

Well, they make ridiculous amounts of money, so it'd be stupid of Activision to not release one every year.

GOODKyle2766d ago

True, it is business but I feel that going down that road will only lead to trouble in the end.

Pillage052766d ago

It likely will eventually, and I'm sure Activision of all people know that. But selling 20 million copies of one game per year is WAY too much for them to pass up.

ddelella2766d ago

Stupid. Why would I buy a multiplayer game or the DLC if I knew that there would be another one only months after I finish all the achievements. FPS multiplayers are better with constant changes and DLC at decent Halo. Activision is going to over produce this game and ruin it just like Guitar Hero.

GOODKyle2766d ago

That's exactly what a DualShocker writer said! Read the very bottom of the article.

gcolley2766d ago

yet more people do buy it each time.

Xfanboy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Smart for awhile they got uber rich of of idiot gamers & maybe again this year!

If you own the company & milk it to make a billion dollars how can you be mad..
gamers were the stupid ones for buy there crap we are to blame not them!!

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