Giving Kinect to the ‘hackers’ makes sense

Which? Convo: Following a huge response from PC ‘hackers’ fiddling around with Xbox Kinect, Microsoft has opened up its camera for amateur software developers. Now that’s how you get the best out of your technology.

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Burning_Finger2645d ago

That's why MS are funding them...Makes sense!!

techie2645d ago

Funding them? They're not funding them - they're producing software to give to them

Rush2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

I think Microsoft it looking at 100s of different possible uses for Kinect outside of gaming. I still don't believe it's totally ready for massive scale commercial success.

But it is certainly a technology to keep an eye on currently, And I don't mean just for gaming before everyone jumps down my throat I mean for anything in general.

I don't believe the Kinect currently released to the market will be the Kinect which goes massive on a global scale. But Microsoft holds the patents to much of it's technology so they will most likely upgrade it around the 720 release.

By then with all the support and idea's from the hacking community it should be almost ready for global scale use in my opinion.

B1663r2645d ago

Um, I don't mean to be contrarian, but Kinect is already a massive commercial success...

distorted_reality2645d ago

Agreed. There is definite improvements that could be made, but the actual technology itself is stellar and highly moddable.

More varied and polished mods are coming out every day, and it's going to be interesting how far it can be pushed now that the SDK is out.

radphil2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

It's kinda interesting to see other people use the tech in more ways than the games that have been released out so far by devs.

I don't want to derail this topic on hand, but has anyone else noticed how the "bad" hacker articles get way more comments on and defense for them, than the ACTUAL USEFUL hacker articles?

Cajun Chicken2645d ago

This is where Kinect is going to make itself useful.

techie2645d ago

It isn't useful already?

techie2645d ago

And good that Sony is doing the same for PS Move.

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