Sony Requests Developers to Look at Move, 3D Support

Killzone 3 is a shining example of what's possible graphically on PS3 (even though it doesn't max out the console), and it's also a title that reinforces two important PS3 technologies: 3D stereoscopic visuals and PlayStation Move support. This is the kind of support that Sony would love to see in most of its big PS3 titles.

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Sinner101GR2765d ago

Not a fan of this. Not all games need 3D (none of them) and not a lot need motion control (a good amount of them)

Dante1122765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yeah, true. I wouldn't mind seeing Dead Island with the PS Move though.

darthv722765d ago

however...3d/motion support can be good if done right. I think what you are worried is that it will become a scape goat to use. Meaning if a game doesnt have any substance, they will tack on 3d or motion to give it a little oomph.

That is a valid way to see it but I also believe there is a place for 3d and motion in current gen games. It all comes down to how its used and not so much a requirement to be used.

Like movies that fill in for the lack of story with sex and violence. Games are no different. At least sony is saying: hey guys...why not consider adding in some 3d and move support for that next big title you are working on. Unlike forcing them or else.

Joni-Ice2765d ago

@ Sinner if having 3D or Move support does not effect the quality of a game nor change the way a person without Move or 3D plays the game, I dont see why every game shouldn't have it.

2765d ago
Baka-akaB2765d ago


I dont see why . it has been repeated over and over that adding said 3d doesnt take away dev time , at least not much , given how it's done .

Move support might be tricky , but again like said above , it doesnt have to affect pad version.

Kurisu2765d ago

I want Sorcery too! It's gone under the radar as of late.

joydestroy2765d ago

i know, right! i thought it was coming out in April but i think there's been a delay and they just haven't mentioned it yet. i wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed back to fall =/

Pillage052765d ago

Might be wrong but I thought they said they were shooting for q2 of 2011...april-june. But yeah I do hope we start to see more of. I'm just hoping it has an rpg side to in leveling up/etc. What they showed at e3 kinda looked like it was more strictly of an action game though.

jut4202765d ago

Is it really that bad to have the option? There's always someone complaining about something

hesido2765d ago

Adding 3d support may work two ways:

1) It may result in tighter resource control and more optimized code, resulting better 2d performance (read, 2d), and things like split screen (although split-screen is not guaranteed, especially for sandbox games, as two very different portions of the game would need to be streamed), this is the cool possibility.

2) It may result in restrictions of game design, worsen even the 2d experience. This is the bad possibility.

Since processing power doesn't fall from the trees, you can rest assured 3d version would always have to be lower quality from 2d version. If they are the same quality, the 2d version could have been better! (Unless developers use fast tricks to get the second view)

gamingisnotacrime2765d ago

i like to play with the move and want more core games to support it.
"im not a fan of this"
of what? you dont like for others to have more options


killcycle2765d ago

Once you play Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D you can't go back.

badz1492765d ago

this is not like watching 3D movies at cinemas where you need to pay more for 3D movies compared to the usual 2D! you still pay the same for your games and those with 3DTV can have option to utilize what they've paid for! it's not like 3D gaming is making non-3DTV users to the realm of unable-to-play-games-anymore, it's a nice option! option is good, period!

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donniebaseball2765d ago

Well from what I understand, it's not really that hard or expensive for a dev to add 3D so it's not really taking away resources. But yeah most people don't have 3DTVs anyway. The Move support is a whole other story though - not sure about that.

mushroomwig2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Hmm, I'm not sure what to think of this, on one hand 3D is a great addition to have but it's also a drain system resources which can force devolopers to cut corners from other parts of the game (such as A.I, physics or resolution).

Move would be a great add-on as well but not every game really needs to have motion controls as an option, but hey if it doesn't take anything else away from the game then go for it, another option doesn't hurt.

Baka-akaB2765d ago

"it's also a drain system resources which can force devolopers to cut corners from other parts of the game"

Not really . It's not the fan of a console just talking . Try and check how it's done . Sony platforms arent usually the easiest to develop for , but at least in this instance they made sure implementing 3d the way the ps3 handle isnt that big of a deal

sarshelyam2765d ago

Having played through the single player campaign of Killzone 3, I'm not so sure I agree. It's quite evident that there were no corners cut to accommodate not only PlayStation Move support, but more to the point, 3D. It still remains one of the best looking, solid FPS' on the market even with the superfluous options included.

kramun2765d ago

Not a great deal of move support since I've got one. I might sell it while I can get a decent return on ebay.

Joni-Ice2765d ago

Sell to me. I need a second Move controller.

kramun2765d ago

Can't you afford another one?

Joni-Ice2765d ago

Obviously I can afford it Im asking to buy yours. You said you might sell yours.

cochise3132765d ago

It would bo cool to see Uncharted 3 with the move controls. PS move is waiting to be abused with killer apps.

FAGOL2765d ago

I don't see how Uncharted 3 with Move will work. Killzone 3 makes sense and so do other titles but Uncharted 3 I think is best played with a DS3. People thought RE5 with Move would be good but it turned out to be useless. Games should be built from the ground up to fully utilise the Move or it would just feel tacky.

sarshelyam2765d ago

RE5 is no more useless with Move than RE4 was with Motion Control on the Wii...and that was one of the better uses of Motion Control at its time.

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