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There's no denying that the Killzone franchise is easily one of the PlayStation 3's best-looking series, but does the follow-up to 2009's blockbuster bring anything new to the table?

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btk2701d ago

I think for KZ4 GG can just refine / tweak the engine. The game engine is good. I agree with CNET - the characters are one-dimensional. It actually detracts a lot from the game. The story is uninteresting. For a lack of complicated explanation I would day the story in KZ3 lacks "heart".

Heavenly Sword had characters that one really enjoyed. Snake in MGS is an all-time favorite. The characters in KZ3 is just boring.

The gameplay is like every other fps out. I can understand why reviewers are tempted to mark KZ3 down - as it is definitely lacking something. On a technical level it is as good as any other great fps. There is just something missing that you can not put your finger on.

I still have difficulty getting used to the Move controls. It still feels awkward, but I am getting better scores with Move.

El-Fenemeno12132701d ago

The campaign is certainly lacking heart. I can't find myself caring for the characters. I think it's the first shooter that I decided to jump onto multiplayer before finishing the story. ={

hakis862701d ago

Really? Did you try Black Ops?
That was the first shooter ever I jumped onto multiplayer without finishing the Singleplayer.

So far I'm enjoying Killzone 3 SP - it looks amazing, sound is great, and I just stelthed my way though the jungle - great fun!
Also the animations are sick - an exosuit and a "transpoerter"(?) fought each other - freakin looked like Transformers!

Yeah the story may lack a bit heart - but so does SO many other overrated shooters... sorry but that's just the truth!

Well they listened to our feedback this time, so if the listen to feedback regarding SP I bet KZ4 will reach new levels.

Redman222701d ago

The focus was definitely more on gameplay and the pace of the action which was intense and I found it second to none... the story was a bit light but seeing as how the game ended it shows that there's def more to come. :D
I disagree with many of the criticism made against KZ3, I think one of the main reasons why people bitched about the game, was because the gameplay and action were just so damn good that they simply wanted more but like all good things...

El-Fenemeno12132701d ago


I really don't know how to reply to your post. Don't know if its a simple reply or an aggravated response -_-.

kneon2701d ago

Why do I not hear people complaining about the story and characters in COD? Their stories are almost non-existent and completely nonsensical. As for characters, how can you care about the characters when you're playing a new one every 15 minutes.

Yet these games get 9s and 10s. KZ story and characters are far better and yet people give it a 7. There is just no consistency in the reviewers criteria.

Either the story and characters matter or they don't, you can't just selectively choose to use them as criteria every time you want to knock a game.

darthv722701d ago

but is that really a bad thing? What I see is an increase in scale. That is usually one of the first things developers try to do when making a sequel. They look at what was done and think of ways to have put more into the same amount of space on screen.

I especially like it when they increase the scale of the environments or enemies as that tells me there was room for improvement over their first effort. The old phrase:

"if it aint broke...why fix it" still holds true. GG didnt fix their game. They just made sure everything that made the game (environments, multiplayer, etc) werent going to break which in turn made for a better game than before.

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kramun2701d ago

This is the review I've been waiting for.

Well, not really.

Insanelyman2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

The controls are fine but the story is terrible. I think KZ2 was better in SP.

Spitfire_Riggz2701d ago

Honestly, I am on the last mission right now. When I finished KZ2 I did not know what the hell happened. When I started playing I was like who the Fak is Narville?? Why does everyone hate Rico?? I will remember KZ3 and Sev is my new hero

Miths2701d ago

One thing that puzzles me is why many of the same sites that have handed out 7s to KZ3 (doesn't look like there was a numerical score on this one, but the text was pretty negative), happily give 8 and 9s to other first person shooters with equally one-dimensional characters and not particularly inspired story lines?

It seems like quite a few of the "negative" reviews I've read focused solely on the singleplayer campaign (which I may agree is possibly only worth around a 7, I don't know yet, I'm only an hour into the campaign), while many other FPS reviews (did anyone say CoD?) have the multiplayer extensively covered as well and that aspect of the game clearly factored into the review score.
Why isn't KZ3 given that courtesy by many sites when multiplayer is clearly a huge part of the package for many players?

And on a slightly different issue - I love the Move controls! I find that I'm adapting to motion controls very quickly (just playing with Move in one hand, Nav Controller in the other, I don't really plan on buying any gun attachments) - although perhaps it might help that I was never exactly a spectacular FPS player with a gamepad, so I could really only get better :p.

rob60212701d ago

I wonder the exact same thing, how other FPS aren't being knocked for 'being boring, having one dimensional characters, and poor story lines' Gears halo, Cod don't suffer from the same problems?? to me they do and actually have worse story lines and more boring gameplay. I guess a game is a bore if it doesn't properly stroke your fanboy strings and doesn't have a fancy luxurious review event. It's pretty sad when one guys going on to how the game is a ripoff of gears of war - it tells you he personally wants the game to fail and is threatened by it.

P_Bomb2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

It's true. Especially since the Killzone universe & aesthetic existed before Gears. Killzone 1 = 2004...Gears of War 1 = 2006. Looks like the 360 is someone's first console, lol.

Far as story, let's look at other FPS's with subpar charachters that were overlooked. Bad Company wants to be 'Three Kings', COD swaps out charachters every other mission to the point that I rarely know who I am or who I'm with, Gordon Freeman from Half Life never talks, Master Chief has no face, MAG has no campaign, does Left4Dead even have a story?

Why Killzone is suddenly being martyred for every other FPS's sins I truly don't understand. Have fun Crysis, you're next. Or maybe not since it's multiplat? Sad but true. I've even got a buddy who'd rather play a shitty multiplat on his 360 than a good exclusive on his PS3 if for nothing else than to pad his achievements. Complains about KZ3 not looking enough like the cutscenes, then he goes back to Knights Contract that screentears like there's no tomorrow, lol. *sigh*

CNet btw has been publishing "bad PS3" articles for years. They published Don Reisinger rants for how many? I trust their opinion on the matter as much as Aaron Greenberg's. Grain of salt.

Malebaria2701d ago

Double standards really. Anyway, if one likes the game that's what truly matters.

solidjun52700d ago

Yep pretty much.
They say the color is boring. I wonder what they'll say when Gears of War 3 comes out. Journalists...pathetic.

Loner...even worse.

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