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Ascension Easter Egg Overview - Black Ops Zombie Secrets Part 1

Im sure everyone has heard about the Easter Eggs and Secrets placed in Black Ops' new zombie map Ascension. But people have to bend over backwards in 10 different places to see them all.

The video provided has 6 of them in one. Rocket Explosion, Hidden Music, Matryoshka Dolla, Red Telephones, Radio Messages, Casimiere Mechanism Mystery.

If you choose to skip to a specific secret, simply click on the annotation provided and it will jump to that part.

Click on the story url to jump to the written walkthrough. Enjoy. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Xbox 360)

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GOS_SAND-MAN  +   1736d ago
Is that the real end to the mystery man? all you get is a useless deathmachine?
Citizen_King  +   1736d ago
Right on!
GOS_SAND-MAN  +   1735d ago

I would like to do this the night of Thursday Feb 24, at 12:30/1:00am EST (well technically Friday Morning)

This attempt will be recorded and uploaded to youtube.


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