Killzone 3 Career Rank Up Guide

SegmentNext - "All the stats you need to know about earning XP and ranking up in Killzone 3 multiplayer".

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BakedGoods2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

...don't QQ because you can't handle it. L2P or stick to CoD. Let the big boys play this one.

frankiebeans2730d ago

sorry my opinion hut your feelings and i also dont like cod just to let you know.

hopefully my 60$ beta turns out to be better then killzone lol because that was really the only reason i bought killzone but i wasnt expecting killzone to be complete crap very diapointed in my opinion.

BakedGoods2730d ago

Pro-tip: Aim for the head. Don't camp.

That'll magically turn your 'beta' in a full-fledged game---you know, like the one the rest of us are playing.

solidjun52730d ago

No, you just created another account just to troll.

redsquad2730d ago

You really should learn to think for yourself rather than bleating the latest mantra preached by the trolling masses, sunshine - Otherwise people will end up laughing at you.

HOSe2730d ago

its all about carrying 2 main weapons.