WoW gold farmer sues over real, stolen gold

An Australian World of Warcraft fan took the unusual step of converting her in-game gold into bars of real gold bullion. This was fine – until someone allegedly stole the $74,500 worth of precious metal from her home in 2008.

Understandably upset, the gamer – Kristina Fincham – took the matter up with her insurance company, and they simply refused to pay. In fact, the insurer counter-sued, accusing Ms. Fincham of staging the theft in order to make a claim.

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SuperSaiyan42826d ago

Thats not physically possible how on earth can you convert something in a game into real gold??? LMFAO!

Apollyn2826d ago

Find a goldsmith whos obsessed with WoW Simples

AssassinHD2826d ago

Sell the in game gold for money, buy real gold with the money. It is not really a tough concept to grasp.

Dac2u2826d ago

I have to say I'm a little suspicious, too. If I had $74k worth of gold, I don't think I'd be keeping it in my house, I'd have it stored in a lockbox in a bank. If I did decide to store it in my home, I'd have it locked away in a safe too big and heavy to move.

Coolmanrico2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Why in the world would she keep them in house. Anyway She should be investigateing her friends, becuase they or the people they hang around could have took them.

AssassinHD2826d ago

That is probably the line of reasoning that the insurance company is using. A reasonable person would keep the gold in a secure location.

radphil2826d ago

Who the hell leaves $74,000 worth of laying around?

I swear people that go to these lengths to get this money aren't playing smart, just taking the advantage within greed. =\