GeoHot, separating legal fact from fiction

Sarcastic Gamer's resident attorney, Lono, weighs in on the legal facts and the fiction surrounding GeoHot and his self proclaimed rebellion against Sony.

From the article: "Hacking stuff is kinda cool… Right? I mean, we’ve had plenty of movies about them (Wargames, Hackers… etc), and we all love fighting against big mega corporations, so I see how the GeoHot story could have traction. I can see why people would want to support the guy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a ton of confusion as to his lawsuit, what he’s being sued for, what Sony wants out of the case and the “persecution” of GeoHot."

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LGFreedom2701d ago

Very good piece. I now know more than I ever did and I want my money back GeoHot!!!

xAlmostPro2701d ago

Brilliant article!

Maybe/Hopefully people will understand that sony aren't the bad guys here, they want to protect what they have and make sure PSN users for example have a ood experience online rather than having in-game stats reset or information stolen etc.

Geohot is a fool, a glory hunter.

Iroquois_Pliskin2701d ago

Exactly! People think Sony are the bad guys here, but its them who are releasing tons of exclusives this year.

hakis862701d ago

@ LGFreedom
You gave him money..?... LOL

I agree with you however - a good article indeed!

blackmagic2701d ago

I want to know why it's perfectly legal to hack the iphone but an atrocity that the ps3 has been hacked. How is it even remotely different?

Biggest2701d ago

The same way it's legal to "hack" an iPhone and illegal to "hack" bank security. Nothing to do with each other. The ONLY reason the iPhone was treated as it was. . . Provider exclusivity. Had Apple and AT&T not made their deal, the same thing happening to George Hotz now would have happened to him then. No part of hacking the PS3 leads to consumer freedoms or rights. It leads to theft, theft, and theft. What is homebrew for? Stealing games. What is saving full games to hard drive really for? Stealing games. Gaming consoles are not phones.

inveni02701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I agree with you, but I honestly don't think that jailbreaking the iPhone should be legal. I think that the outcome of this case might be leverage for overturning the iPhone ruling. It really is the same thing, if you spend your time thinking about the case from GeoHot's perspective. The problem is that GeoHot isn't being sued for jailbreaking. He's being sued for facilitating computer crimes and the transmission of encrypted and copyrighted data. That's against the law. If Apple had wanted to, they could have sued anyone distributing iOS because that's Apple's property. GeoHot owns the hardware. There's no discussion to be had about that. If he wants to install custom firmware, that's fine. The catch is that the custom firmware can not contain ANY Sony code or patented intellectual property. And that's where GeoHot went awry.

It's the same reason Wine for Linux hasn't become a better product. Without copying MS code, the fellas behind Wine can't emulate the Windows experience.

HolyOrangeCows2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Fact: The distribution of copy-protected code, the tampering and distribution of tampered copy-protected code, and the theft of copy-protected (or in his case, association with the theft of copy-protected code) are all illegal. Intent to extort is also illegal ("ZOMG! Don't sue or I'll release EVERYTING, SONIEZ!!").

Fiction: Sony is a big fat meanie who wants to keep us from using homebrew! Sony "stealing" OtherOS totally justifies the illegal distribution of copy-protected code!

"GeoHot claims (from his own blog)...He hacked his own PS3 and should have the right to do with it as he pleases"
LOL, he's so funny playing this card.
Him copying, tampering, and DISTRIBUTING copy-protected code = him playing with HIS Ps3 only?

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the_best_player2701d ago

I don't want to read if it's by "sarcasticgamer"....

SoSLy2701d ago

It's one of the best articles I have read so far about this hacking fiasco. They actually explained wtf was happening and they cleared some stuff out.

sobekflakmonkey2701d ago

Yeah, to be honest, that was probably the BEST article I have read on here(based on this subject) in a really really really long time.

Ilikegames762701d ago

The website is sarcasticgamer, but the writer is a lawyer and a gamer.

the_best_player2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

The site sometimes just tell lies and there's no point reading.

Kushan2700d ago

Considering the guy doesn't know that the team that began all this is called "fail0verflow and not "FAIL0VERTHROW", it would seem this "lawyer" doesn't actually know what he's talking about, or at the very least has only taken a passing glance at the whole ordeal. Let's have a look -

"can GeoHot do whatever he wants with his PS3, that he bought and paid for? The simple answer is no, in the same way that you can’t do whatever you want with your car"

Actually, you CAN do whatever you want with your car. Of course, if you make enough modifications, it wont be road legal, but that's fine, take it to a private track and you're sorted. No different to modding your PS3 and forgoing PSN really, is it?

He also claims that Geohot and fail0verflow "trafficked" in piracy. They did no such thing, it was other people such as Kmeaw and Waninkoko that released modded firmwares to allow Piracy. Geohot simply enabled homebrew and I challenge ANY of you to find a way to pirate games on his CFW (it can't be done).

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ReservoirDog3162701d ago

Finally someone that knows what they're talking about chimes in.

And he's saying what we've been saying all along. Basically.

shoddy2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

"Most damaging, is that Sony claims that GeoHot attempted to extort a job from Sony, which was the catalyst for his dissemination when they did not offer him a job. Specifically, they claim that his post on his blog stating, ““if you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me.” is evidence of said extortion."

Geofrodo can get jail rape for this. Evidence on his own blog.
but Sony have class, they don't wanna ruin a kid think he's god life.

Geofrodo is over reacting.
he might be smart with computer but he have a lot to learn bout life wich is you are not GOD.

get out of your fuken basement!!

Christopher2701d ago

***On the other hand, Sony isn’t looking to bankrupt the guy. Heck, they didn’t even ask for damages, that we know of, yet. They simply want him to stop breaking their stuff and to take possession of the tools that he used to do it with. Sony isn’t going to “make new law” or establish “bad precedent” for gamers, as some have intimated. The DMCA has been litigated over and over. The Precedent is there. I think Sony has the evidence they need to shut him down.***

A remarkable fresh of breath air, IMHO, to see someone understand this.

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jahcure2701d ago

Exactly what i said earlier. He is in no position to win this thing and giving money is only going to benefit his lawyers.

Use your money for games and don't rely on this guy for the hope of "free" downloads or even considering this an "investment."

pedrami912701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

A well written article about the legal issues concerning Sony and Geohot.

Burning_Finger2701d ago

Excellent article..but unfortunately most people don't understand this kind of things.

AtomicGerbil2701d ago

Great read, finally someone who knows exactly what they are talking about.