Rumour Mill: United Front Games cuts 100 jobs

An unconfirmed rumour Twitter purports that United Front Games, fresh from the sudden cancellation of True Crime: Hong Kong, has let 100 members of staff go today.

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Cajun Chicken2734d ago

Ah no. Come on. Publishers really have to stop pulling out of projects, this is getting stupid.

Quagmire2733d ago


Sony, hurry up and buy United Front Games! They made Modnation Racers for you, the least you could do is support them financially!!!

Lou-Cipher2733d ago

Sony needs to give ModNation Racers to Media Molecule.

MNR was a great game, but it wasn't put together properly. If MNR had a AAA talent making the game, it would really be something special.

Quagmire2732d ago

Are you kidding me? Thats unfair to UFG. They made MNR, it should rightfully be theirs, plus they had a good relationship with Sony.

Yes MM are great developers, but then again its like saying you should give the Resistance franchise to Naughty Dog. Its unfair.

Syaz12733d ago

typical. big evil publisher promises contract, then cancels the deal halfway, leaving the outsource company with wasted time doing non-profit projects, resulting in people losing jobs while publisher doesnt compensate their losses.

Gamingisfornerds2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I came in this thread expecting to see a rumour milf. Oh well..