Back to the future! Or present, or past... (Hooked Gamers)

After the shocking events of It’s About Time Telltale have a lot to live up to. They do so with style, but have to make a few sacrifices along the way. Let us start off simply but firmly: Back to the Future is all about story, dialogue and characters, and Telltale don’t mess with that. There may be puzzle solving, but if this was literally just the second episode of a TV series we wouldn’t have a problem with it. As a game however we have to nitpick.

The story continues from episode one with Doc saved from death but Marty is fading away, as obviously something one of them did in 1931 changed Marty’s future. Whatever it is (no spoilers here, not even for the beginning), Marty, Doc and Einstein have to undo the damage they caused so they can go back to the future! Or present, or past, whatever.

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