Time line: A look back at Kinect's history

Kinect has turned out to be more successful than Microsoft originally imagined, with sales that dramatically beat estimates.
Now's as good a time as any to take a look back at how the Kinect journey has played out, from scattered rumors of Microsoft developing a Wii remote competitor, all the way to the motion-controlled camera sensor that's gone on to make an immediate impact on Microsoft's bottom line.

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btk2771d ago

Kinect still does not appeal to me. Whenever I try the thing the lag and accuracy irritates me. It is cool when you move your body and see that it picks up for example when you move your shoulders, but in a game the accuracy is just not good enough. In dancing games and party games they can hide the latency, but a game like a fps will not work with Kinect.

Kon2771d ago

Yeah, i noticed that when you move your body Kinect sensor just picks the movement many seconds later. MANY SECONDS LATER.

EasilyTheBest2771d ago

Are you guys still serious about MANY SECONDS LATER lag.
Well I must have a different Kinect to you then as mine works perfectly fine.
Table Tennis on Kinect Sports works great and thats even playing online. One second of lag would ruin a game like this online let alone a few seconds.

Have you guys actually played Kinect?

Godmars2902771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

It may have been promoted for nearly over two years, but its only been out a few months with only its launch line up.

How the hell do you say anything like that has "history?"

If this was about Move I'd be asking wtf was it about too. Though there at least there's things past launch like integration into KZ3 - a game that's been out for what, hours nows?

Yeah, that's some freakin history [/sarcasm]

ChristianGamer2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

You know like how move has been out for only 5 or so months but apparently was in development for 10 years?*snickers* yeah well kinect has a history too
I wanted to say kinect wasn't developed in a day but I knew I'd be walking into a whole mess of jokes about that so I changed my sentence midway and forgot to edit that. Thanx
Godmars, you comment history also includes comments from 4 minutes ago...why? Because whatever you say goes into it, no matter how long or not so long ago you said it. Kinect history does not start at retail, it starts when it was first conceptualised(i apologise if this isn't a real word)

Slimshadyn2771d ago

"yeah well kinect wasn't has a history too" Explain???

Godmars2902771d ago

Any worthwhile, notable, history begins after retail. How it was publicly received as well as the quality of its games. Right now that "history" isn't worth much. That its selling well is all that you can really say.

SuicideShaun2771d ago

"ps3 kids doesn't like something about xbox" "brings up killzone"

You cuties are so predictable.

Slimshadyn2771d ago

"Fanboys bring up game A""Other fanboys bring up game B""Troll complains about fanboys"

The beautiful circle of life is now complete :P

SuicideShaun2771d ago

Kinect isn't a game, you silly goose.