Ten things you should know about NGP

Here is a link to the translated page, the link was to long:

Read some essential facts about the amazing portable entertainment system of the future and learn all about the revolution that portable gaming goes.

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Bounkass2464d ago

I am sorry about the link thing. The translated link had over 400 characters. Let's try it like this.

Dart892464d ago

My main concern is the price b4 deciding to purchase at launch or later.

George Sears2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

That was always my main pet peeve as well but hopefully if the article on the main page is true (check link) then I wouldn't mind paying for the non 3G model.

Frak2464d ago

250-280 for psp without 3g support

2464d ago
Lazyeye792464d ago

I really hope I have the Money to get this thing. Everyday it seems to get better and more powerful.