SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 review: Triple monitors on a budget

SAPPHIRE has created a "FleX" Radeon HD 6870 that can do triple DVI monitors with no adapters. Is this the time to move to tri-monitors for your personal command station? Icrontic guides you through how to set up a triple-monitor system with AMD Eyefinity, and how it makes for a killer gaming experience.

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ATiElite2771d ago

triple monitor set ups are NICE and this is why I love AMD because they allow this feature and 3D on one card.

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you need two cards for this on Nvidia? I know you need two for 3D.

TOSgamer2771d ago

You got it backwards. Only need 1 Nvidia card for 3D. 2 to run more then 2 monitors.

ATiElite2771d ago

Whoops, thanks for the info.

Got my eye on Two Gigabyte 560 Gtx SOC in SLI. But after seeing BF3 trailer I may step up to HD 6950 2GB Crossfire. just waiting for the right price, I got time, well until Crysis 2 PC hits.

Sarcasm2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Even though you only need 1 Radeon to run Eyefinity, it beats the whole purpose of the experience to play it in medium settings and low FPS. A single 6870 would be terrible for 3d or 3 monitors.

I'd get dual 6970s instead. Budget and Triple Monitor shouldn't even be in the same sentence.

TABSF2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Yes you need Minimum of 2 cards for surround and 3D Vision Surround
You only need 1 card for 3D Vision.

I prefer Nvidia though because of Cuda, PhysX and 3D Vision. I've also had bad experience with AMD

Here are the AMD cards I've been through: X1950 Pro, HD 3870 and HD 5850. Also got a HD 5650 my parents.

I love there great value for money AMD CPUs
But personally would not recommend AMD GPUs

mrv3212771d ago

Funnily enough my HD5750 broke, if they can fix the whole...

Our stuff breaks like a lot thing they'd be doing a lot better, but until that happens I'm sticking with nividia.

ALSO, I know the HD5750 isn't top of the range but it did very good graphics for my monitor resolution which was 720p so anything better would be overkill.

AKS2771d ago

My 4850 was a terrific card for its time. I currently have a GTX 460 1 GB and love it. So both the red and green team have been good to me.

I'm planning on starting a new build, but that's on hold until more information about the new CPUs becomes available (Sandy Bridge issues and Bulldozer info). I have no idea which video card(s) I'll buy. I'm not going to rush things and wait until I know more.

Xfanboy2771d ago

will need a super beast a card or go Xfire..

TOSgamer2771d ago

Right now the 6950 2gb is the best deal out there. Nvidia board partners really need to start up with the rebates because a 6950 2gb for cheaper after rebate then a 560ti just doesn't make sense.

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IaMs122771d ago

In this case can you get 6 monitors if you have 2 AMDs?

kornbeaner2771d ago

6 series AMD cards are capped at 6 monitors, since you can only crossfire 2 cards at a time. they all have 1 crossfire bridge.

TOSgamer2771d ago

6800 series cards only have 1 crossfire connector. 6900 series cards have 2. But regardless I think the cap for eyefinity is 6 monitors anyway.

TABSF2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


HD 5xxx you can do 3 monitors per card.
HD 6xxx you can do 4 monitors per card.

Highly recommend to get HD 5800 or HD 6900 for more than 1 monitor though.

Bandrik2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I'm not overly familiar with other cards, but I know that this card (SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 FleX) supports up to five displays (5 outputs, each gets a display). You can use Eyefinity to use all 5 to have either an extended desktop with 5 discrete display spaces, or a single large surface (SLS).

With 2 GPUs in CrossFireX, you can hook up 10 displays, with each display getting one of the output ports on the cards. However, you can only run Eyefinity on one card to get a SLS. If you don't care about SLS, then you can use all 10 in an extended desktop setup. That means if you want to run a game across all ten, as far as I can tell the only way to do that is to run the game in a window, and drag the extends of the window across all the displays.

There may be a better way of doing it, but I'm not familiar with it since I don't have 10 displays (and probably never will, haha). Plus, 10-display gaming would probably not be very practical, but for a super workstation, that may be extremely useful.

Also, things are going to get very interesting as the DisplayPort 1.2 gets supported, adding daisy-chaining. Basically, a single DP output can power three DP monitors that support daisy-chaining. Not sure what the max setup per card will be after this, but still... neat things are coming.

Thecraft19892771d ago

Your not going to get very good performance with a single 6870 anyway especially with 3d and 3x monitors.

TOSgamer2771d ago

Article mentions active display port to dvi adapter for $20. Anyone know where to get this? cheapest I've found is $30.

distorted_reality2771d ago

They're closer to $100 down here in Oz. The Apple one doesn't count (found out the hard way).

Bandrik2771d ago

I'm glad you asked. I did a check on that and asked someone from AMD about this. He replied by saying that AMD formally says that you need an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter for a 3rd DVI monitor in a tri-monitor setup... but that's mostly to idiot-proof the setup.

While active DisplayPort adapters are best, they're actually more around $26 (so I was a little off), while a passive DP adapter is about $18. I was informed that you can actually use one passive DP adapter to use for a 3rd DVI monitor and it should work just fine - plus save some money. Beyond that though, adding more WILL require active DP adapters.

Newegg has an active adapter, "SAPPHIRE Active DisplayPort Adapter 100924 DisplayPort to DVI Interface" for $26.

Sorry for the confusion, but I hope this helps. :D

TOSgamer2770d ago

Really? I wonder if this is something new for the 6800 series cards. Because I read a lot of old forum posts about people having problems using passive dvi adapters with their 5800 series cards.

Yep, I saw that adapter on newegg. The problem is, some board partners are not including a mini displayport to displayport adapter like Sapphire does for 6 series cards. So that would be another $10 to $12 to get that cable bringing the total to $36-$38. I finally settled on a AMD certified mini displayport to vga adapter. Under $24 and I leave a open dvi connector for my ps3 and xbox.

thanks for the reply.

specialguest2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

This will be great for flight simulators and racing games. The last desktop I built(now collecting dusk) has an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb. I think it's about time I upgraded everything.

ATiElite2771d ago

triple monitor set ups are great for FPS too. Like in BC2 you get a peripheral view that a single monitor set-up lacks thus allowing you to see more of the map and enemies sneaking up from behind.

It's a clear advantage over single monitor set-ups that only allow straight ahead viewing. also 3 monitors make RTS games so much easier to enjoy cause they allow you to see more map at once.

Bandrik2771d ago

Oh, absolutely. They pretty much bolster ANY game that supports and properly takes advantage of the ultra-panoramic view you get. Hell, playing TF2 with that wide view was pretty damn fun.

But then again, I was still more excited to play flight sims and racing games. Nothing beats that added sense of speed when you can look left and right and see everything blurring past you. :D

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