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Bulletstorm (PC) Graphics Bugs, Errors, GFWL Fixes, Crashes and PhysX Fix

SegmentNext - "Bulletstorm troubleshooting guide with all the corresponding fixes and workarounds for the current issues of the game". (Bulletstorm, PC)

WhiteNoise  +   1687d ago
"Bulletstorm – No GFWL Overlay"

That is not a bug, that is a godsend. I use 4gbpatch on all my 32bit games to allow them to access more than 2gb of ram and for some reason patching the exe like that in Fallout 3 etc makes GFWL go away for good :D
kasasensei  +   1687d ago
gfwl is crap...
It makes crash every game...
felidae  +   1687d ago
who wants to play on a PC anyway?
ic4ruz  +   1687d ago
People with atleast a few active braincells.
Frenza  +   1687d ago
WhiteNoise  +   1687d ago
I payed good money for a 1080p TV. I don't want to desecrate it with 10 year old non native resolutions.

It is also capable of 60frames vsynced, I don't see why you would waste half your TV's potential in that regard either.

Given how many console gamers seem to want "5.1 headphones!" etc. I imagine most of you are gaming on SDTV's.
chak_  +   1687d ago
They should be ashamed.

I mean auto aim... on PC? wtf

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