Lanraiders: Killzone 3 Review

Now most people, apparently, complained that Guerrilla Games’ Killzone series was too depressing and that Killzone 2 was so grim that is was at times upsetting to play. First of all I would just like to add that this is a game about war and political oppression. If you want happiness, go play Little Big Planet 2 for something more light hearted and casual. However, the developers have took note and have tried to make this a lighter tale albeit still quite turmoil with the emotions which the story delivers.

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btk2771d ago

The game is overall good and worth owning.
My kids prefer the DS3 controls.
I played with both, and although I am more comfortable with the DS3, I did notice that I score better with the Move controller so far. Strange, because it feels a bit awkward still. Will have to get a Nav controller, because a DS3 one hand Move other hand is not so comfortable to play with.

My biggest gripe is the characters. Snake in MGS is just so much more of a character than the KZ3 characters. I think GG must focus in KZ4 a bit more on character development.

Kon2771d ago

I don't know but i think devs should focus more on the gameplay elements on FPS games rather than Character development. I think this is more suitable for other types of games, like RPG's and stuff.

Army_of_Darkness2771d ago

That will spice things up a bit;)
and maybe mutated helgast or something..

Ducky2771d ago

^ Then it'd just be NOLF without the humor. =/

Kakasquall2771d ago

I agree completely. I mean, who seriously plays a FPS looking for Character development?

This gen has kinda been lacking with RPGs though

NateCole2771d ago

An Iconic Character?. Perhaps but KZ focus has always been about gritty warfare. Not characters. They never highlighted any characters from the beginning except for Vasari i guess. However he is a bad guy.

sickbird2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

man so many gaming sites. i gotta start one up just to get free shit. Is it that easy? haha

cooperdnizzle2771d ago

This review is crap. Don't know if this dude even played the game. And to give the graphics an 8.8/ That is funny. Best graphics in a console game ever! The game did have some weak points i will say. Overall it was pretty fun! But yea graphics are amazing