Prototype 2 EGM Teaser

AH: Been a while since we’ve heard anything about Prototype 2. Here’s a trailer that was just released. Prototype 2 is currently in development for 2012. Gamers can get a more in-depth first look preview of Prototype 2 in EGM magazine’s April 2011 issue, on stands soon.

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KeemJ2730d ago

The first one was ok. Trailer looks good though.

Blaze9292730d ago

The only thing I don't like is the shift of story and main character. This time we're hunting Alex Mercer down and possibly might kill him.

Why would I want to kill someone I liked and kicked major ass with in the first game? Makes no sense to me.

BakedGoods2730d ago

Prototype is the poor-man's Infamous.

Graey2730d ago

I think it would be deeper than that. Perhaps that's what the base of the story is, but I'm sure something will pop up and maybe you'll even end up becoming mercer or something like know?

Besides I can see why they did a point of view shift, curious to see where they take it though.

Cajun Chicken2730d ago

Agreed, it seemed like the next game was going to be Alex as something more than human, I really thought he was going to be a hero and make up for his past in the sequels. I didn't expect to be hunting him down.

UnSelf2730d ago

Man i absolutely loved Prototype 1 (it was my first of my only two platinums)

i put over 100+ hrs in that game.

im guessing the story is gonna be one of miscommunication btw Alex and dis new guy. This new guy (a soldier) prolly sees alex as a target, whereas alex isnt really an antagonist anymore.

im not too thrill on this new char switch though

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GodHandDee2730d ago

I was very disappointed in the first game. Good attacks, lack everything else 'imo'

Hopefully this time around it will be different, the IP has potential

Convas2730d ago

Whoa! Graphics look good. Liking the new Protagonists Virus Powers.

Burning_Finger2730d ago

I'm sorry, but Infamous 2 S***s all over this.. :)

MintBerryCrunch2730d ago

please dont, the first prototype got compared to Infamous....why are you comparing Infamous 2 to P2

just starting the same old hate cycle over again

GodHandDee2730d ago

well it's gonna happen, sooner or later.

Wonder if P2 will come this year. Does anyone know anything about it?

BakedGoods2730d ago

Because they're comparable games?

MintBerryCrunch2730d ago

problem is when someone says "X shits on Y" then its not comparing, but just hating on one game over the other for no could go out and buy both or which ever one fits your fancy, at least you have the option...its not as though both are exclusive to different platforms...and last time i checked, the dev of P2 hasnt come out and talked against its competition which other devs are known for, if anyone is to blame/hate, do it to the sites that say one is better than the other, even tho its all relative and opinion in the end

awiseman2730d ago

Never mind "burning finger" hes just a hot-handed <<<see what i did there? fanboy who trolls every thread thats not related to a ps3-exclusive.

He just be trolling

CBaoth2730d ago

Nothing like rehashing some tiresome old argument that had no basis in the 1st place. I could understand 360 ONLY fans hyping P1, but for PS3 owners, who could play both IPs, to engage and retaliate in fanboyism was one of the many head-scratching inducing moments of this gen.

@ GodHandDee FYI Prototype2, via Gamestop's database, is coming out on March 31, 2012. That's almost 10 months after Infamous2 which is set to sail on June 7, 2011. Hopefully it's far enough apart and the game gets judged on its own merits.

SSKILLZ2730d ago

No one wants another prototype -___-

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