Fight Night Champion Review [Game Revolution]

Core gamers don’t play a lot of sports games, and sports gamers don’t play a lot of story-driven games. But this is the rare beast that could finally unite jocks and dorks once and for all, or at least pit them against one another in the same ring. ~Jesse Costantino

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Sev2705d ago

This review is a TKO. Can't wait to get this game.

doctorstrange2705d ago

Really looking forward to it coming out

dbjj120882705d ago

EA's on a roll with the fighting games, although Fight Night feels stale compared to EA MMA.

byeGollum2705d ago

careful talkin' that sh*t in public, you might get knocked out lol /joke by the way

samurailincoln2705d ago

Glad to see the series is taking an upswing. Definitely gonna check this one out.

NickN4G2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

As long as they've ditched the rap/black vibe from previous games I'll try it.I know a lot of boxers are black but this game went totally overboard with the black thing in previous games. I don't want gangster rap playing every time I enter the ring.

IronFistChinMi2705d ago

Upload your own music and turn off the in-game tracks then.

Volpone2705d ago

Don't watch much actual boxing, I take it?

artsaber2705d ago

Better than I anticipated - I must give this game a look.

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