Dungeon Siege 3 is the new Gauntlet Legends

While Dungeon Siege 3 doesn't maintain the ridiculous simplicity of Gauntlet Legends, that feeling of classic arcade action and button mashing is timeless and present in Obsidian's upcoming Action RPG.

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Sev2558d ago

I wish more games would go back to this Arcade style of fun. It's largely missing from today's games.

dragonelite2558d ago

Have you tried Dragon Age 2 demo?

samurailincoln2558d ago

Gauntlet Legends is cool, but it's really all about Gauntlet 2. Make Dungeon Siege 3 into that and you got a sale. ;)

stormeagle62558d ago

Who doesn't love good old gauntlet fun?

kramun2558d ago

Dungeon Siege 3 will be nothing like Gauntlet.

gman_2972558d ago

Because you've played the game, RIGHT?

kramun2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I've owned and played the previous games and I've been reading and watching anything related to the the third game. So I have a pretty good idea what it's going to be like you stuck up twat.

EDIT:Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I shouldn't have said twat. I should have said moron.

dbjj120882557d ago

The answer you were looking for is "No, I haven't played the game."