Mass Effect 3 - A Wishlist

ThumbPad writes: Back in 2007, Mass Effect wowed critics and gamers alike, winning universal acclaim for its genre-busting game play, enormous scope, beautiful presentation and epic storyline. By blending all the best aspects from a third person, squad-based shooter with the elements of an in-depth RPG, Bioware created a quality game that undoubtedly revolutionised what players could expect from the action RPG genre. Three years on in 2010 (2011 for PS3 players), Bioware managed to do it again, adding a highly successful and superb second chapter to the already stellar (or interstellar?) saga in Mass Effect 2. Now with the recent release of a teaser trailer, Bioware look to tie up the trilogy with perhaps the most highly anticipated title of the year in the final chapter to their epic space odyssey, Mass Effect 3.

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Nate-Dog2646d ago

Great article, how long did that take to write? :P

I agree with much and most of what you said. I loved exploring planets with the Mako in ME but searching so many which usually resulted in you doing the same thing (get to base which looks as familiar as the last 10 you have been to, kick-ass, take names, get whatever info / weaponry is there) got a bit dull at some stage, but the planet-scanning in ME2 is really really annoying (and really it's not that necessary once you get a certain amount of each resource, some you barely use even if getting all possible upgrades). But I loved the Mako and really missed that exploration (even if it was a little overdone in ME without much variation) in ME2.

But my main hope is for the story which is one of your main points too. I hope ME3 will be all about the story and not what are seemingly side-stories that dominated ME2 and weren't really that important. ME was great in that in every mission there was a new revelation or piece of information that just made the story that bit extra interesting. Hopefully Bioware can take us back to that.