Sony's Response to Alleged NGP Pricing

"Yesterday, a site by the name of PSPgweber claimed that an anonymous "Sony insider" provided them with the pricing details for the standard and 3G NGP models. Feeling the need to question the reputability of this post, Nick contacted Sony directly to see what they had to say about what this site is claiming"

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Nick2120042582d ago

While I am sure we are all highly anticipating the price announcement of Sony's upcoming handheld device, the best thing to do is just wait till Sony officially announces it themselves.

tehpees32582d ago

I agree. It could just be speculation. I will treat it as such until Sony says.

AAACE52582d ago

That leaked price was just to see how people react to it! They do this with everything that comes out now. Pitch a price point out there and see how we react. That's how Nintendo came with the $250 price.

The only time they didn't rely on this is with the Ps3! Sony figured that people would love the Ps3 so much that they would pay anything for one! That's why they made that comment before they announced the price of the Ps3, talking about, they wanted to make gamers work overtime at work or do other odd jobs just to get one!

A valuable lesson was learned from that experience for all game companies moving forward!

inveni02582d ago

Sony always comments, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

gypsygib2582d ago


Don't remind me of the PS3 launch, it's the reason why their not dominating b/c it's really the best console for you buck and has the best games. First impressions go a long way, kinda like why everyone prefers LCD TV's.

Anon19742581d ago

@ AAACE5. "Sony figured that people would love the Ps3 so much that they would pay anything for one!"

More likely Sony realized that the PS3 was a high end product and priced it accordingly. At the time the PS3 launched, even up against other Blu-Ray players it was very competitively priced. Anyone who expected it to be priced the same as a Wii certainly weren't aware that the PS3 was more than just a game console.

Sony is a company that caters to more than just one single market with their products. With their TV's, camera's, home theater and even video game consoles, Sony maintains high end and low end product lines that target different markets. The PS3 was no different. Sony was still offering and supporting their lower end model, the PS2, and the PS3 was never supposed to replace the PS2, it was merely another product offering.

And it apparently worked out for them. Even at almost double the price for a long time, the PS3 easily outsold the 360 head 2 head since launch and went on to become the 3rd fastest selling console of all time behind the PS2 and Wii.

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Nicaragua2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

really ? so you think that we shouldnt listen to rumours and instead wait for a statement from Sony?

Wow, your a genius.

awiseman2582d ago

In all honesty, Sony probably just confirmed the rumors. They said "No announcement" that does not mean that the price mark has not yet been set behind the doors...and the insider knows about it.

Burning_Finger2582d ago

$250 it is..

Dammit Amazon, hurry up and take pre-orders already!!

f7897902581d ago

If it really is $250 I would fight people for the first one in stores. Forget Nintendo's 3DS at that point.

I say it's going to be $299.99. With all the technology Sony packed in there, I don't see it being any less.

NickN4G2582d ago

My guess is it will cost $350

Kalowest2582d ago

For the 3G SKU probably.

Eyeco2582d ago

if it cost that much it would be DOA (Dead on Arrival) a handheld shouldn't cost more than $250

johnthe5th2582d ago

Sorry buddy, DOA is only coming out on the 3DS :/

Oh wait...

gypsygib2582d ago

You're a fool if you think 3DS won't sell well. Don't be a fanboy. I rather have a NGP but Nintendo isn't doing anything with 3DS to warrant gamers' charging for stuff that's free everywhere else.

gamingdroid2581d ago

Brand power is amazingly important. That is what pulled the PS3 through and I expect the same of NGP and Nintendo 3DS.

Brand power just doesn't ensure success, but it certainly cushions the fall.

nycrekid2581d ago


DOA you say. At $350 for the 3g they have a sale from me. That is way cheaper than any smartphone with half the features and 1/8 the power.

I am sure many others who can afford it feel the the same.

Eyeco2581d ago

i dont know why my comment pissed off alot of people, i think the NGP is gonna be a great handheld, its just not gonna sell for sh!t at that price point,

you forget that the PSP GO launched at $250 and that ended up being one of the biggest failures of last year, now look at the NGP with a price point at $350 and running PS3 games, NO-ONE will buy it besides tech heads and sony die hards, im just being logical here.

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SSKILLZ2582d ago

Probably gonna be $250-300

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