OXM UK: Bulletstorm review

OXM: We reckon Bulletstorm might be the most misunderstood game around. When people first got their mitts on it at E3, they couldn't shake their FPS programming - wondering what was so special about a system that gave you a few more points if you kicked a man into a cactus. Spend a bit more time with it, though, and you realise that it allows you to create all manner of imaginative carnage that simply isn't possible in more po-faced gun 'em downs.

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BakedGoods2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Story: A+++

Killzone 3:
Story: C-

lol, journalists.

Perjoss2699d ago

Have you played them both from start to finish to be making that comment?

cochise3132699d ago

lol @ bulletstorm having a good story.