The Only Problem With MVC3... is You.

First order optimal strategies are in all games, what the phrase refers to is the usage of a low-risk high-reward strategy with a low skill cap. This is primarily put in or left by designers to encourage newer players to keep playing and feel like they have a chance against veterans in various games. In multiplayer games, especially competitive ones, often these are purposely added to help balance out the early growing pains of some players.

So instead of crying or complaining why not try and level your game up? Practice, read, try new stuff out or watch a match or two. If the stuff that's dominant right now is really -that good- and isn't patched, the game will die out soon enough.

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Redempteur2701d ago

the seven stages of grief part is priceless ..

Baka-akaB2701d ago

The funny bit of Jwong's seven stages of grief for those who dont wanna read ...

midgard2272700d ago

lmao he fails, he judged the game after not even a day of play and now loves it. i like the game alot, not as good as BB but a good thing to make me take a break from BB till its patch and platinum.

waiting for jill eagerly, just wish phoenix's HP wasnt so bad.

also wish that anyone with a powered up special cannot use X-factor because i feel bad going into x-factor with dark phoenix as my last character, sure she dies in one hit,but she can kill a team in like 10 seconds

Baka-akaB2700d ago

Once already he commented on a game too early and it came back to bite him .

Whoever you are , you can't juge and decide the balance of a fighting game that quickly .

Boody-Bandit2700d ago

Great article and right to the point.
Don't blame the game because you are not as good as you think you are. Practice and get better or STFU and go cry somewhere else.