Japan Has Over 600 Classic Games On PlayStation Network

The library of downloadable PsOne games in Japan is humongous. Sony Computer Entertainment announced there are over 600 titles in the Game Archives section on PlayStation Network. TurboGrafx-16 games and SNK’s online enabled NeoGeo ROMs account for part of that number, but the bulk are PsOne titles.

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Balt 2764d ago

If you look at the store in the U.S. they have pretty much covered all their big hits. I don't know why people are crying so much about lack of Psone classics on the store.

The only thing they are missing are a few obscure games that are personal favorites or taste.

Jersey Devil
Suikoden 2
Breath of Fire 3&4

And not much else. They have all the good games on the store front already aside from the above. Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Resident evil series, Final Fantasy series, Syphon Filter series, Castelvania SOTN, Tomb Raider series -- I mean, they have everything covered. What else do you people want, the insidiously bad Smackdown games? Please.

Sizzon2763d ago

Gief Bushido Blade 2 to the EU store.

Azianphil882762d ago

Suikoden II is a rare game to get especially a hardcopy one.
I'm hoping the next Suikoden would be a PS3 exclusive