GamePro: 33 Best Android Games

GamePro: Since Android was introduced to developers in late September 2008, it has slowly become the world's leading mobile platform, which means developers are rushing to launch games and apps on the Android Market. As more and more titles are added, it's getting increasingly difficult to sort the good from the bad. But fear not: we've compiled a list of the best and most unique games available for your Android device.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many of these games offer free, lite versions, so we encourage you to give many of them a try before you commit the cash. Also, since Android is a platform fragmented by so many different devices, not every game is guaranteed to work on your Android phone. All of these games were played and tested on a Motorola Droid X, using version 2.2 of the Android software. Some games also have an estimated price (denoted by the tilde) which represents a rounded up dollar amount to compensate for games which come from another region.

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