GameZone - Motorstorm Apocalypse Preview

"While the previous two Motorstorm games focused on a rugged desert setting and a tropical beachside region, respectively, Motorstorm: Apocalypse slides into a slightly more disastrous direction. The area known as “The City” is in the midst of a major catastrophe. Suburbs lay in ruins, skyscrapers have collapsed, and waterspouts have ruined a nearby pier. The whole city, designed to resemble California’s Bay Area, is in shambles." -Ben PerLee, GameZone

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Balt 2735d ago

Motorstorm was alright. A bit unforgiving at times, but fundamentally sound.

Motorstorm PR is the best racer I've played this gen. It's my kind of game. It's fun, it's easy to get into and it has a rewarding system in how you unlock new events to race in that keeps you wanting to play.

With that said, I'm not too fond of the new direction the series is heading. It will ultimately end up being the last in the series I feel and what's worse is the 2nd one, which, as I said, was the best racer this gen sold very poor in comparison to the 1st, let alone other racers.

I don't see Sony's investment in Evolution studio's paying off.

DJMarty2735d ago

last in series maybe, just be on another platform NGP.