Stage Select Podcast: World 2-1 (High Score: 12) |

It’s the first Stage Select of the new season, and do the GameCrashers have a treat for you. Joining Rob, Boris, Jason and Jon are Zvarri and special guest host from PSNation, Torgo! With such a full crowd, what could go wrong?

For anyone who doesn’t know the structure of the Stage Select, here's a recap. All the questions come directly from the listeners. Each time the team successfully gets through a question, they get 1 point. They're known for their wild tangents and disagreements though, so the challenge posed to the audience is this: Ask questions that take them so long to answer that they can’t get through 'em fast enough.

Do you have the questions it takes? Submit them at the GameCrashers "Offical Stage Select Submission Thread".

1 Point – ESRB double standards: “intense violence, blood and gore” just a “Mature” rating, any graphic sexual content “Adults Only”. (from ChryZ)

2 Points – Are war based first person shooters with a semi realistic premise mod...

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