Dragon Age 2 Demo Impressions - SFX-360

As I sat at work today I saw news pouring out early in the morning about the release of the Dragon Age 2 demo on Xbox Live. Considering how much fun I had with the first game I was dying to enter back into BioWare’s world and experience the fantasy all over again. I was barely through my front door at home before the Xbox was on, and the download had started. 2 GB, one haircut, and a dinner later I was seated in front of the TV, pajama pants on and a soda in hand. This demo throws you into the mix fast; there is very little story or dialogue and almost everything that can happen does happen within the hour of gameplay. During the brief time I spent with the game my brother died, I helped a templar commit suicide, I met Flemeth, I saw a dragon, and I got an offer for a little sexual intercourse…BioWare style.

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Stealth20k2769d ago

its a shame they streamlined the game even more

might as well call it dragon effect 2

Chaos692769d ago

I loved the demo, it made me even purchase Dragon Age: Origins in anticipation.

joydestroy2769d ago

i enjoyed it. will try to jump back on when i take a break from KZ3!

lashes2ashes2769d ago

i really like the changes they have made

Bigpappy2769d ago

Making great demo's like this really helps developers not have to rely on review scores to sell to customers. Bioware is saying to fans: Here is our game, I hope you like it enough to buy it.

They got my money even if it averages 2/10. I couldn't care less.