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GayGamer.Net writes: Yup. It's been a quarter of a century since The Legend of Zelda was debuted to the world, on February 21, 1986 (1988 in North America). Congratulations, Link. If you were a real dude, you could vote, drink, smoke, gamble and even rent a car by now - of course, you'd never do any of those things anyway. You've got no vices, you don't live in a democracy, and why drive when you you've got a horse, a boat, and a magical flute that can warp you just about anywhere? In the twenty five years since Nintendo introduced you to our world, yours has gotten cooler and cooler, and more and more of us are hooked on you. (...did you see your Twilight Princess sales numbers?)

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MrAwesome2703d ago lol'd @ that!

jeeves862703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Wow...really man?

Happy birthday to Link! Twenty-five years old, doomed to turn back into a prepubescent boy every so often.

StarScream4Ever2703d ago

Happy Birthday Link!

Now say something to lighten up the party!

josephayal2703d ago

Weird Site, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZeLDa n LiNk!

dan_chan892703d ago

happy birthday Gannondorf

madjedi2703d ago

When someone give me a valid reason to bring their sexual preference up for a website, when the discussion is video games i'll listen. Again not many games have gay characters.

To all gay gamer, lesbian gamer, straight gamer ect websites the only people that care the slightest bit about your preference is the people you sleep with. Almost know one give a rats ass, if you sleep with a man or a woman. Stick to the relevant subject matter which is gaming and leave your sexual preference in the bedroom where it belongs.

Why you damn people have to draw attention to your sexual preference when it is irrelevant to the topic is beyond me.

Congratulations your different heres a cookie and a special hat, now go sit in the corner with all the other idiot attention whores thank you.

ElementX2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

There are websites tailored for female gamers, why not attack them? I don't even go to but let them be themselves. Maybe they feel like associating with other members of their community?

DelbertGrady2702d ago

How come no one attacks for bringing up their nationality in the url then?

ozstar2702d ago

because thats racist, homophobia is still culturally acceptable

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