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"North American gamers were treated to some solid demos after the PSN update yesterday. Among these was Yakuza 4, a long running Playstation-exclusive series that found its way overseas. While Japan is already getting ready to release Yakuza 5 the demo they received for the 4th entry last year had twice the content that those in the US are seeing. Story mode was cut from the demo leaving the battle mode for people to test out. This segment consists of 4 brief fights that let the player try out each of the main characters." - JPS

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ShadyDevil2552d ago

This game looks insane I can't wait for it. I loved the 3rd.

andron6662552d ago

Good demo. Nice move to show the differences between the fighting styles of the main characters.

Also I nearly missed the demo weapons first time i played the demo, the Kali sticks were good fun...

Redempteur2552d ago

i disagree ..
the maion point of a demo is to show something worthwhile.

And while the combat mecanics are very good in Y4 .. the demo was short, the fighter had very few combos to try and it was over so quickly ....

Anyone who has played Y3 will see that kazuma had only few skills active.. this isn't enough to convince people who doesn't know the game to try it...

andron6662552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Well I liked the demo, but I have played Yakuza before so I didn't need much to convince me.

But your right, the demo might be more for the Yakuza fans who can jump in and see how the new characters fight. That's all I required, but it might not get new gamers interested...

Edit: And they didn't even mention the demo weapons, I found out about them the second time I played the demo when I went into the menu...

akiraburn2552d ago

I wish we had gotten the same demo that came out on the Japanese PSN store last year. It was a really massive demo, included several mini-games, a decent amount of fighting, and about the only downside to it was that there was no english subtitles, and shortly after starting the demo a 20 minute cutscene ensued that you couldn't skip (and I couldn't really understand much of it since I don't know enough Japanese yet, so it probably would have been better had I known what they were saying).

Anyway that aside, I believe if they had released the same demo from the JP PSN, it could have been a great motivator for people unsure or unaware of the series. The demo they decided to release instead doesn't really explain what the game is to those who haven't played a Yakuza (or Ryu Ga Gotoku) game before. The average person could easily get the impression that it's a fighting game, and not a massive RPG/Brawler/Stacks of mini-games/etc.

I think the NA/EU demo was good for people who already liked Yakuza 3, to see how the visuals, combat, and characters have changed, but overall it sadly pales in comparison to the Japanese demo, and I don't think it helped make more people aware of the series that weren't already interested.

Simon_Brezhnev2552d ago

@ akiraburn

I didnt even know the demo was different from the Japanese one. I didnt bother downloading the US PSN one because i figured it was the same.

akiraburn2552d ago

Yeah, I almost did the same thing, because I figured I am just gonna buy the game anyway next month. But I figured that since I didn't know Japanese well, this time around I could play the demo and understand what they were saying during that long cutscene. But the US one is basically just a compilation of four fighting scenarios (one with each character), placed without any story or background to what's happening.

So, it's like I mentioned, anyone who doesn't know the series but might be potentially interested could end up mistaking Yakuza for being something it's not, and end up missing out on how awesome it really is. I suppose I should give Sega credit though for localizing it. This is one game series that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy. I'd be downright sad if they didn't. And they get bonus points this time because they didn't coincide the release of the game within days of two immensely large other titles releasing (for those unaware, they did this last year with Yakuza 3 releasing technically the day FFXIII did, and a week before GoW3). So hopefully they see enough profitability that they make sure to localize Yakuza: Of the End when that's finished too.

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gravemaker2552d ago

I love Yakuza series, it such a great games with cool gameplay and awesome story
cant wait to beat Platinum trophy out of it)

nix2552d ago

argh.. must finish Y3 before it comes out. thousand things to do.