Tons of Gears 3 News Hitting Tomorrow writes, "If the announcement of the official release date for Gears of War 3 wasn't enough for you today, you'll be happy to know that an absolute metric ton of Gears of War 3 news will be hitting tomorrow. How do we know? We're psychic"

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Convas2581d ago

Well, I mean ... Duh?! Tomorrow is X11.

awiseman2581d ago

psychic lol

On topic: This is probably the stuff that was supposed to be shown at the VGA's but MS pulled it for some reason.

BlackTar1872581d ago

can't wait to get this gem in my hands. Alwasy loved the coop as well.

Active Reload2581d ago

These fools better show some gameplay!

Kingdom Come2581d ago

Rhod confirmed via Twitter and the forum he's been editing together LOTS of new Gameplay footage for tomorrow. Aurgh, I can't wait! :P

Active Reload2581d ago

Thats what I want to hear! Nah, thats what I want to see!

Sizzon2581d ago

can't wait for some gameplay footage! ;>

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